All Verticals - Affiliate Programs Categorized by Niche

All Verticals – Affiliate Programs Categorized by Niche

If you are all set to start your journey as an affiliate marketer, you need to have a good understanding of what an affiliate marketing vertical is. This way, you will know which specific demographics you should target – the people and the businesses that might take an interest in what you will be promoting, and you can research and collect valuable information about your target demographics before getting started as an affiliate marketer.


What Are Verticals In Affiliate Marketing?

Verticals in the affiliate marketing world are narrow market segments encompassing a group of businesses and their target customers who are all interrelated around a very specific niche. Businesses in a specific vertical market are usually in tune with the specialized needs of the target demographics and do not cater to the broader market, although there are businesses that fall under two or more verticals.


Why Should You Choose Verticals Carefully?

Depending on what your passion or hobby is, and what you are knowledgeable about, you should choose your affiliate marketing vertical to pick a direction. For example, if you have a dating blog and you perfectly know how to attract men over 50 residing in a specific geographic area to your blog, you should narrow your choices down accordingly. If you are looking for affiliate programs in the ‘insurance’ vertical just because you think the rewards are sweeter, you are probably moving in the wrong direction. Choosing the right vertical is important for affiliate marketing success. However, you can always diversify your efforts across multiple affiliate marketing verticals.

Here, you will find a comprehensive list of all verticals to ever exist. We often update this list, so keep coming back to this page for fresh updates and a wider array of choices, both in terms of verticals and programs. Start your hunt now!


Travel is one of the most popular affiliation verticals, as the travel market is extremely profitable, big companies are willing to pay large sums of their profit with affiliates in an attempt to get additional traffic to their products. This made affiliate programs to be very popular among travel-related companies and products.

Travel Affiliate Programs


The high-end fashion market is expected to become thrice bigger than it is now in the next decade. While top fashion brands didn’t embrace e-commerce and m-commerce as promptly as their smaller counterparts did, online shoppers compelled them to jump on the bandwagon. This has created an unprecedented opportunity for fashion influencers to make money through the fashion affiliate industry.

Fashion Affiliate Programs


Whether you have a YouTube Channel, gaming blog, Twitch stream or any other platform that attracts gaming fans with a decent amount of visitors/followers/subscribers you can make a lot of money out of it!

Gaming Affiliate Programs


Hosting is one of the most popular verticals in the online affiliate marketing industry, the vast majority of hosting companies offer a dedicated affiliate program in an attempt to get more and more customers to use their product...

Hosting Affiliate Programs


Global ecommerce sales are already on a growth track, and the market size will increase in a dramatic way over the next few years too. Not only Amazon, but there are thousands of smaller businesses that are going digital to leverage the power of ecommerce.

Ecommerce Affiliate Programs


People are now ready to pay top $$$ for meeting their potential partners online. Since the competition level is too high, top dating sites and apps are always looking for alternatives to increase their traffic.

Dating Affiliate Programs


Software affiliate programs offer one of the best profit margins in the affiliate marketing industry. If you are a tech-savvy individual who loves putting software applications to the test, you can now sign up for a software application affiliate program to monetize your website or blog.

Software Affiliate Programs


Sports is a much sought-after affiliate marketing vertical as there is a disparate variety of sports that people take interest in. As an affiliate marketer, you can home in on your sub-niche and launch a website that can cater to the sports enthusiasts all around.

Sports Affiliate Programs


More than half of online shoppers look for promo codes before making a purchase, which makes coupons a highly profitable affiliate vertical. Coupon affiliate programs help affiliate marketers partner with top coupon and deals websites.

Coupon Affiliate Programs


As VPN softwares became extremely popular in the last few years, a lot of new VPN software companies were established, many of which offer an affiliate program to try and market their product.

VPN Affiliate Programs


The global hotel and hospitality industry is expanding rapidly and its robust growth is likely to continue through the next few years too. This implies that you always have this opportunity to monetize your travel website by subscribing to the best-paying hotel affiliate programs.

Hotel Affiliate Programs


Flight affiliate programs have garnered much popularity in recent years, as the global travel industry is growing by leaps and bounds each year. These affiliate programs allow affiliate marketers to rake in money whenever a visitor looking for the best travel deals books a flight or even clicks on an advertisement.

Flights Affiliate Programs


Domain names have become hot commodities in this internet-centric age and are sold and bought for thousands of dollars each and every day. This brings a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn money by signing up for domain affiliate programs.

Domain Affiliate Programs


The distance between students and their institutions is no longer measured in kilometers, but in clicks, especially in developed markets. The rise of online courses and e-learning networks has fueled the growth of education affiliate programs too.

Education Affiliate Programs

Email Marketing

Email marketing affiliate programs are growing by leaps and bounds, as the marketing strategy has already carved a niche for itself in the digital marketing landscape.

Email Marketing Affiliate Programs


With the global population approaching 8 billion, and millions of people still looking for jobs that suit their profile and career goals, it’s no wonder that job boards, job search portals, and jobs affiliate programs are on a rise.

Jobs Affiliate Programs


Whether it’s health insurance, gym membership or even running shoes, consumers are spending billions of dollars each year on hundreds and thousands of healthcare products and services.

Health Affiliate Programs


The global insurance premiums rose dramatically over the past few years and reached the USD 5-trillion mark in 2018. In keeping with the growth, a bevy of highly rewarding insurance affiliate programs have cropped up.

Insurance Affiliate Programs


Financial services is arguably one of the most lucrative affiliate verticals, and you don’t even have to be a financial blogger yourself to get on the profit-making bandwagon.

Financial Affiliate Programs


Pet owners usually have strong emotional attachments with their pet animals and they are ready to shell out any amount just to ensure the wellbeing of their pets, which makes pet affiliate programs a lucrative option for all the affiliate marketers out there.

Pet Affiliate Programs


The global cosmetic industry keeps growing by the day, as almost everybody wants to look good and youthful. Makeup, therefore, has grown into a fiercely competitive affiliate vertical which you can explore and tap into for making money online.

Makeup Affiliate Programs

Credit Card

Credit cards affiliate programs connect affiliate publishers with the market-leading credit card providers and service providers. Before choosing the credit card affiliate marketing vertical, you should consider a few important factors such as the popularity of credit cards, the competitiveness, the features of the affiliate products etc.

Credit Card Affiliate Programs


Affiliate programs of the fastest-growing SEO companies present a massive growth potential to the affiliate marketers out there. These are the brands that people trust, and you can get huge payouts with each referral to the websites of top SEO companies.

SEO Affiliate Programs

Car Rental

Car rental affiliate programs are designed for travel bloggers, travel influencers and other travel-related sites. These affiliate programs come up with excellent moneymaking opportunities for you as you can get a sizeable share of profit for sending targeted traffic to various truck rental, luxury car rental, and equipment rental company websites.

Car Rental Affiliate Programs


Technology affiliate programs are exploding with the rapid and unprecedented advancement of technology. If you have a tech blog or you want to send personalized recommendations on the latest gadgets, tools, and devices to your social media followers, you can join any of the high-paying tech affiliate programs to earn generous commissions.

Technology Affiliate Programs


Automotive affiliate programs can help you get incredible returns on your investment of time, money, and resources. The multi-billion-dollar strong global auto industry is growing by the day and you can join the the best-paying auto affiliate programs. Promote car entertainment systems, the latest automobiles, and everything in between to earn big commissions.

Automotive Affiliate Programs


Retail affiliate programs are on a rise since the rise of e-commerce and e-retail. If your website or blog is particularly oriented toward retail shopping and product reviews, you can simply review, compare, and join any of the high-paying retail store affiliate programs and earn commissions with every referred sale.

Retail Affiliate Programs


A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset that is fast gaining traction. Cryptocurrency affiliate marketing programs are some of the highest-paying programs across verticals. Find and compare legit crypto affiliate programs and start earning handsome commissions.

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs


CBD is one of the hottest and most profitable affiliate marketing verticals. Compare the best CBD affiliate programs and learn more about the legalities, the challenges, and the opportunities ahead. Choose from top high-paying CBD oil affiliate programs.

CBD Affiliate Programs


The global population of vapers is steadily growing, which has boosted the sales of vaping products and accessories. By joining high-paying vaping affiliate programs, you can earn top dollars in commissions and grow your business. Explore the new but hot affiliate marketing vertical today.

Vaping Affiliate Programs