Flights Affiliate Programs

Flight affiliate programs have garnered much popularity in recent years, as the global travel industry is growing by leaps and bounds each year. These affiliate programs allow affiliate marketers to rake in money whenever a visitor looking for the best travel deals books a flight or even clicks on an advertisement. These travel related affiliate programs are an excellent means to earn money for travel forum owners, travel bloggers, and nomadic millennials.

Flights affiliate programs use a meta-search technology so the users get the cheapest flight fares. If you have a website dedicated solely to travel, you can now monetize your website by choosing from the best flight affiliate programs. By signing up for a tried and tested affiliate program, you can now earn a goodly amount by sending traffic to various flight booking websites, flight fare comparison websites and official websites of the top airlines.

Here, you can now find a list of flight booking affiliate programs, all handpicked and reviewed in-depth. You can go through these affiliate programs to know about various commission structures such as CPA, CPC and Revenue Share. If you want to know more about a specific flight affiliate program, visit their official website.

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Hotwire Affiliate


By signing up for the Hotwire affiliate program, you can team up with the discount travel site to

Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 2% per sale

Skyscanner Affiliate


You can join the travel internet as an affiliate marketer, thanks to Skyscanner affiliate program.

Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 50% per sale

Cheapflights Affiliate


By joining the Cheapflights affiliate program, you can make money on the traffic you send to

Vertical: Flights, Hotel, Travel
Models: CPC
Payout: $0.25 - $0.45 per click

Southwest Vacations Affiliate


As an affiliate for Southwest Vacations, you can earn a commission for sales generated through your

Vertical: Flights, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 2% per sale or more

Orbitz Affiliate


If you are a marketer with a penchant for travel, you can join the travel experts and earn

Models: CPA, Revenue Share
Payout: 2% - 6% per sale, $3 - $30 per sale

KLM Affiliate


As a KLM affiliate, you can Promote KLM flights on your app, blog or website, and earn commissions

Vertical: Flights
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 1% - 1.5% per sale

Qantas Affiliate


If you are looking to partner with one of the largest airlines, the Qantas affiliate program might

Vertical: Flights
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 2% per confirmed booking

momondo Affiliate


momondo offers one of the highest CPA payouts in the flight's industry. As a momondo affiliate, you

Vertical: Flights
Models: CPC
Payout: $0.45 - $0.65 per click

Why Promote Airlines And Flight Deals?

By joining a flights affiliate program, you can earn a commission whenever someone buys a flight ticket or even clicks on an advertisement placed somewhere on your blog or website. Joining these programs is easy and straightforward and you don’t need to be a certified travel agent to become an affiliate partner for the top airlines and travel aggregator websites. You can either directly partner with an airlines company or with a travel aggregator website.

People are spending near about $8 trillion every year in the travel and tourism industry, and a lion’s share of that money is spent on air travel. In the USA alone, business and leisure travellers spend about $2.1 every minute to book flight tickets.

The beauty of the global air travel market is that the number of air travellers is ballooning with each passing day, and you can easily find major players in emerging markets to partner with. While emerging markets are rapidly expanding their flight networks, the established markets are upgrading their aging fleets, and you can always reap rich dividends by joining the best airline marketing programs in this thriving marketplace.  

Flight Affiliate Programs – Are You The Right Fit?

Flight ticket prices fluctuate quite frequently owing to the change of availability of seats in different ‘fare classes’, which is why frequent travellers want to keep tabs on the changing airfare. If you have a travel blog or website with real-time updates about flight ticket price and availability, people would find you out and follow you.

However, having a travel blog or website with the sole focus on flight ticket prices is not enough. If you have a website/blog focused on different aspects of traveling and if you can dish out additional information about airport shuttles, in-fight amenities, car hire, and hotels near airports, you can build some trust and authority to eventually become a hero of flight affiliate marketing.

Flights affiliate programs are ideal for travel bloggers – bloggers who create a lot of relevant content, provide followers with useful widgets and metal search engines and help their visitors with real-time updates on flight prices.

How To Promote Flights Deals And Airlines?

Flight affiliate programs can be a goldmine for you if you can do three things in the right way. First off, you need to choose your niche and keywords carefully. If you have a website offering just ‘air travel tips’, you won’t withstand competition. Choose a narrow niche, such as ‘domestic flights USA’, as well as low-competition keywords to start off your campaign.

Secondly, you need to provide your users with visual as well as text-based content, as well as widgets like search bars and ticket booking widgets to stay ahead of your competitors.

Remember that traditional link building methods, such as outreach and guest posting, do not work for flight affiliate marketing. If you can use social media effectively, you will get a lot of organic traffic, as everybody wants to know the best air fares for their next destination. In addition to that, do not just focus on air fares. Instead, create an immersive experience for your visitors. Let them search and find information about all things related to flight and travel.

Top Flight Affiliate Marketers That You Can Find A Lot Of Inspiration In

Top flight affiliate marketers keep it simple when creating actionable pieces of advice for their readers, use a relatable approach and use personal stories to build trust with their audience. They also emded widgets on their websites/blogs to help their followers get quick price quotes from top airlines.

They also choose whom to partner with as they want to ensure maximum value for their readers, followers, and fans. Nomadic Matt, for example, puts a big, visible search bar on the Home Page, which prompts users to just type in their destination and hit ‘Enter’. He also provides users with a flight meta search widget (powered by momondo), with lots of practical tips.

Y Travel is another highly popular travel blog that can be a big source of inspiration for you. Caz and Craig Makepeace, an Australian couple, rolled out the blog in 2010. If you go through the website, you will see that the blog is affiliated to not one, but to multiple travel-related website and businesses, with Skyscanner being one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flights Affiliate Programs

How much can you make by recommending flight deals and airlines offers?

While the competition in the world of flights affiliate marketing is intense, the opportunities and rewards are also aplenty. You can literally make hundreds and thousands of dollars every month by promoting cheapest flights deals through your blog or website.

If you have a small city/state/country-focused blog or website, you can quickly rise above competition and earn serious money. How much can you make totally depends the size and competition of your niche and your marketing efforts.

What kind of keywords should you identify and use for your campaign?

The safest way to start your flight affiliate marketing campaign is to recommend brands and products that your visitors are already familiar with. For example, people are already familiar with brands such as Expedia or Southwest Vacations

Therefore, if you choose branded keywords for your campaign (unless it is prohibited in merchant’s affiliate terms and conditions), you can always find a niche audience that is already informed about the brand you are talking about.

What are some flight search widgets you can use on your website/blog?

Top airfare aggregator merchants and airlines provide their partners with easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate widgets to use on their blogs/websites.

You can integrate location widgets, map widgets, flight search widgets, insider tips widgets, and airport shuttle widgets on your website to provide your visitors with lots of relevant stuff.

What are some high-paying flight affiliate programs?

While top airlines companies typically offer their affiliate partners competitive commissions, some of the top players in the market, including travel aggregator websites, go above and beyond to strengthen their partnerships with their affiliate marketers. Skyscanner, for example, pays out a 50% commission per qualified referral.