CPC Affiliate Programs

CPC or ‘Cost Per Click’ is a commission model in which as affiliate marketer gets paid only when a visitor to a website or online store clicks on a link placed by an advertiser. ‘CPC’, also referred to as ‘PPC’ or ‘Pay Per Click’, is a highly scalable commission model used in performance marketing. Here, you can find an extensive list of CPC affiliate programs which you can join to earn money per click.

You can just head below the fold to gather more information about the affiliate programs that follow this payment model, but you can always visit the websites of the affiliate programs to know more. Compare and choose a CPC affiliate program that works best for you.

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Indeed Publisher Program


If you sign up for the Indeed Publisher Program, you can help people get jobs. By doing so, you can

Vertical: Jobs
Models: CPC, CPM
Payout: Unspecified

Kayak Affiliate


If you are ready to monetize your website's traffic with the world's leading travel search engine,

Vertical: Car Rental, Flights, Hotel
Models: CPC
Payout: Up to $0.95 per click



ContactAbility affiliate program is one of the best insurance publisher programs available right

Vertical: Insurance
Models: CPC, CPL
Payout: Unspecified

Cheapflights Affiliate


By joining the Cheapflights affiliate program, you can make money on the traffic you send to

Vertical: Flights, Hotel, Travel
Models: CPC
Payout: $0.25 - $0.45 per click

momondo Affiliate


momondo offers one of the highest CPA payouts in the flight's industry. As a momondo affiliate, you

Vertical: Flights
Models: CPC
Payout: $0.45 - $0.65 per click

Bankrate Affiliate Center


Program Introduction What sets Bankrate apart for consumer financial product offerings?

Models: CPA, CPC, CPL, CPM, Revenue Share

What Is CPC In Affiliate Marketing?

Cost Per Click in affiliate marketing is a commission model in which merchants pay commission to affiliate marketers whenever one of their advertisements (links) are clicked. Top brands are spending top dollars in a bid to increase their traffic, attract more visitors to their websites so as to generate high-quality leads and to boost their sales.

Here’s how CPC affiliate marketing typically works. If you are an affiliate marketer promoting a brand or product/service, whenever a user clicks on a banner or text-based ad displayed on your website, you will be eligible to get an affiliate commission based on the terms and conditions laid out by the merchant you have partnered with. Merchants offer either a flat fee or a percentage-based commission to the affiliate marketers.

CPC Affiliate Marketing Programs – Ideal For Whom?

CPC affiliate marketing programs are highly measurable as you can calculate your earnings using data such as number of clicks and earning per click. You can even target visitors based on their location, mobile behavior, and their language preferences. CPC is recommended for affiliate marketers who already have an audience with a basic understanding of the products or services they are promoting as affiliates need to set targeting and parameters to taste success.

Even if you are new to affiliate marketing, you can choose from the best CPC affiliate programs as it’s fairly easy to track your earnings. A CPC affiliate program for beginners can fit the bill for seasoned affiliate marketing pros as well. However, there’s a lot of targeting which you need to take into account to create an obvious strategy. You must improve your site’s CTR or click-through rate to increase your earnings.

Popular CPC Affiliate Networks

As CPC is one of the oldest commission models that emerged in the pre-mobile era, there are quite a few affiliate networks that support the model for publishers/affiliates to earn commissions. CPC is a model which continues to attract top advertisers. The best CPC network for affiliate marketing would ideally offer publishers accurate tracking and reporting which would entail number of impressions, click-through rate, cost per click and so on. Here are some of the most popular CPC affiliate networks:

Frequently Asked Questions about CPC/PPC

What is the difference between CPC/PPC in advertising and CPC/PPC in affiliate marketing?

Cost per click (PPC) advertising is the cost a publisher has when buying traffic from a certain advertisement platform like Google AdWords. Cost per click in affiliate marketing is related to a certain amount of money which is credited to the affiliate’s (marketer/publisher) account for referring clicks to an advertiser.

Are CPC, PPC, Cost-Per-Click marketing the same?

CPC is the acronym for Cost Per Click, which is a commission model used in performance marketing. CPC is just one type of PPC (Pay Per Click), though the two terms are interchangeably used to refer to CPC in affiliate marketing as a whole.

What are the typical cost-per-click rates?

If you are choosing CPC affiliate sites and CPC affiliate networks that allow publishers to earn money per click, you will typically earn less than $1 per click (usually around $0.2 – $0.8 per click). However, clicks can be much pricier in certain super-competitive markets and verticals.

What is the best way to monetize your website with CPC affiliate marketing?

You need to pick the right niche and merchant to monetize your website using CPC affiliate marketing. For example, Cheapflights affiliate program offers a generous commission per click, but you would probably not be a suitable candidate for this program if you have a coffee blog and you are passionate about anything caffeine… Choosing the right vertical and brand is extremely crucial for monetization.

Is CPC payout model popular in affiliate marketing?

In CPC model, affiliate earnings depend on a potential customer clicking on an ad or a link, and for the affiliate to be eligible for a commission, the customer doesn’t have to purchase anything. The model is not very popular among merchants and not many affiliate programs are based on this payout model. This is particularly because merchants (brands) always want to see conversations before they pay a commission to an affiliate. You can check out our CPA (Cost-Per-Action/Sale) affiliate programs page which is a very popular payout model in affiliate marketing.