Domain Affiliate Programs

In this day and age where everything seems to revolve around the internet, domain names have turned out to be hot commodities and are sold and bought for thousands of dollars a day in and day out. This has proved to be a unique opportunity for affiliate marketers to rake in a hefty sum of money by signing up for domain affiliate programs offered by various domain registrars such as GoDaddy, Crazy Domains, Namecheap, etc.

The best domain affiliate programs offer payouts on a regular basis and high conversion rates and are quite easy to set up. You can start reaping dividends through the promotion of domains and add-on products that are offered by domain registrars by placing banners and ads of domain registrars on your website or blog.

If you are on the search for high and regular payouts and want to pin your blog to a reputed brand in the domain hosting business, ensure that you are choosing a registrar that has a good name. There are several top domain name affiliate programs and you can choose anyone which suits you best. Read the websites of the registrars that you list for yourself.

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Uniregistry Affiliate


Are you interested in making money by selling domain names? If you have a blog or website in the

Vertical: Domain
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Up to 35% recurring per sale

Epik Affiliate


If you sign up for an Epik account, you are automatically eligible to participate in the Epik

Vertical: Domain
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% per sale

Namecheap Affiliate


Are you an affiliate marketer? Namecheap, one of the top domain registrars, created an affiliate

Vertical: Domain, Hosting
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% - 35% per sale

Crazy Domains Affiliate


Crazy Domains affiliate program pays affiliates to participate. You can make up to 10% commission on

Vertical: Domain, Hosting
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Up to 10% per sale

GoDaddy Affiliate


If you want to earn extra cash with your blog, website, or email newsletter by promoting the world’s

Vertical: Domain
Models: CPA, Revenue Share
Payout: 15% - 100% per sale Affiliate

0.0 affiliate program lets affiliates earn up to $100 for each customer they refer. Not only

Vertical: Domain, Hosting
Models: CPA, Revenue Share
Payout: 30% per domain, $100 per sale of hosting plan

Why Promote Domain Name Registrars?

Domain is an evergreen affiliate vertical and can be a good starting point for your affiliate marketing journey. The third quarter of 2019 closed with 359.8 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLDs). That’s an increase of 5.1 million domain name registrations in just one year. If the recent statistics are taken into account, domain name registrations have increased by 5.1 per cent or roughly 17.4 million each year.

The growth in the market is driven by the ever-increasing demand among businesses and individuals for personal webspace as well as the rising trend towards personal blogging and the resulting demand for personalization of blog domain names. As an affiliate marketer, you can reap rich dividends by promoting the top domain registrars and top-level domains through your blog.  

Domain Affiliate Programs – Are You The Right Fit?

Joining domain affiliate programs is a good choice if you talk about a lot of related services, such as website design and development, domain monitoring, DNS management and uptime monitoring in your website or blog. As a domain name affiliate marketer, your primary responsibility will be to promote the domain registrar you are associated with and make the best use of the beautiful banners that you will be provided with.

As almost all the top domain registrars come up with highly rewarding affiliate programs for their affiliate partners, you can certainly earn big if you can use the power of analytics and identify your audience well.

However, the competition in the domain and hosting industry is pretty intense, and you need to give it some time to build a presence in the domain affiliate marketing space. The best domain name affiliate programs come with sweet commissions, but you need to rank your website first to get in the big league of domain affiliate marketers. Besides that, you need to be completely familiar with industry jargons and terminology such as domain parking and SSL certificates to become successful.

How To Promote Domain Name Registrars?

It is imperative that you choose a perfect and appealing domain name for your affiliate website first to get started. As you can see, it all starts with being a part of the audience you are actually targeting.

Next, you need to identify your niche audience. For example, if you are targeting businesses only that look for domain names for their upcoming and existing brands, you need to develop smart content tailored specifically for this type of audience. Alternatively, if you are targeting individual bloggers, you need to devise your content and social media strategy accordingly.

In your buyer-facing communications, always use keywords like domain names, new domain names, new website addresses instead of using cryptic industry jargons. Do not forget to follow the domain registrar for whom you are an affiliate partner on Twitter and keep tweeting/re-tweeting relevant posts.

Promote the benefits of having a domain or a web address. Share the examples of big brands and outstanding bloggers that have invested in the right domain names. It’s even better if you can cover all the aspects of website development, and not just domain registration and domain hosting in your blog or website.

Top Domain Name Affiliates You Can Find A Lot Of Inspiration In

Top domain name influencers and affiliate marketers are actually digital marketing experts that help their followers to stay in the loop about top level domains, domain registrars, domain services and web presence industry as a whole. If you want to get some inspiration, you can follow Andrew Allemann on Twitter and subscribe to Morgan Linton.

Frequently Asked Questions About Domain Affiliate Programs

What affiliate platform should you choose to join the best domain affiliate programs?

Although a bulk of domain affiliate programs are managed in-house, there are certain leading affiliate networks that provide the technology for many of the top domain name affiliate programs. For example, Commission Junction is one such platform that provides the technology for quite a few domain name registrar affiliate programs.

What Technical Skills Do You Need To Become A Domain Name Affiliate?

You should have enough knowledge about HTML in order to add a link or embed a script on your web pages. You need this expertise to get hold of a text link or a banner and position that on your website at a place that’s easily accessible for the visitor.

However, the most important technical knowledge you need to possess to succeed with domains affiliate marketing is about domain and hosting. You need to know the nitty-gritty of domain registration, domain parking, domain selling and buying and domain monitoring to carve a niche for your yourself in the competitive space.

What are some high-paying domain affiliate programs?

Namecheap offers 20% – 35% for each referred domain registration or transfer to Namecheap. For example, if you sell a .com domain via Namecheap for say, $8.88, you will be earning a minimum of $1.77. Uniregistry also has a high-paying affiliate program. They also pay up to 35% recurring commission per qualified sale.