Hotel Affiliate Programs

The global hotel and hospitality industry is expanding at a fast pace and its tremendous growth is likely to continue over the next few years too. This implies that you always have this opportunity to monetize your travel website by subscribing to the best-paying hotel affiliate programs. Not just the luxury resorts on the higher end of the price spectrum, but the smaller players in the hospitality market also offer hefty commissions to affiliates.

Hotel affiliate programs are perfect for travel bloggers, video bloggers, influencers, and virtually anybody who has a great inclination towards traveling and has a website or blog packed up with relevant information for travel junkies. If you want to make your wallet heavier by sending targeted traffic to the top hotel websites, these travel booking affiliate programs are an ideal option for you.

We have reviewed top hotel affiliate programs before we get to anything else. Get some detailed knowledge about various commission sharing models such as CPC, CPA, as well as revenue sharing before you sign up for a hotel affiliate program. Browse through the hotel websites to know more about their revenue models. Start your journey as a hotel, affiliate here.

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Jetradar Affiliate


Jetradar searches and compares airfares from 1044 airlines and dozens of travel sites. If you are

Vertical: Flights, Hotel, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 60% - 70% per sale

CheapOair Affiliate


By joining CheapOair affiliate program and running their creatives on your site, you can pocket up

Models: CPA
Payout: $5 - $35 per sale

Kayak Affiliate


If you are ready to monetize your website's traffic with the world's leading travel search engine,

Vertical: Car Rental, Flights, Hotel
Models: CPC
Payout: Up to $0.95 per click

Hotwire Affiliate


By signing up for the Hotwire affiliate program, you can team up with the discount travel site to

Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 2% per sale

Skyscanner Affiliate


You can join the travel internet as an affiliate marketer, thanks to Skyscanner affiliate program.

Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 50% per sale

Cheapflights Affiliate


By joining the Cheapflights affiliate program, you can make money on the traffic you send to

Vertical: Flights, Hotel, Travel
Models: CPC
Payout: $0.25 - $0.45 per click

Orbitz Affiliate


If you are a marketer with a penchant for travel, you can join the travel experts and earn

Models: CPA, Revenue Share
Payout: 2% - 6% per sale, $3 - $30 per sale

Hilton Affiliate


Hilton affiliate program pays to share in their success. You can make money by advertising and

Vertical: Hotel, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 4% per consumed stay or higher

IHG PartnerConnect


If you would like to earn money by referring to hotel bookings from your website or customized links

Vertical: Hotel, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 3% per qualified booking Affiliate


By joining the affiliate program, you will have access to high-converting affiliate

Vertical: Hotel, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 6%-8% per sale

Marriott Affiliate


Marriott International has an unmatched collection of hotels and experiences for every type of

Vertical: Hotel, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified

NH Hotels Affiliate


By joining the NH Hotels affiliate program, you can earn 10% commission per post-click sale. You can

Vertical: Hotel, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 10% per sale

Why Promote Hotel Websites and Hotel Booking Websites?

The travel and tourism market is flooded with millions of new customers from different corners of the globe. Many of them have access to disposable income and have the will to spend it while exploring the world. Total retail value of the global hotel industry surpassed $500 billion in the year 2018, while total revenue in the United States alone has reached the $200 billion mark that year.

There are high chances that the millennials will become the largest-spending consumers in the years to come. The hotel industry is expected to grow at 6% to 7% in 2019 and after. Since the multi-billion entities are coming up with their headquarters in a number of locations around the world, the number of business travelers is on the rise. You can definitely rake in good currency by promoting hotel websites, thus boosting hotel bookings.

Hotel Affiliate Programs – Are You The Right Fit?

Hotel affiliate programs are ideal for travel bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, and Instagram heroes who have an itchy feet and who love to share their traveling experiences with their audience. However, if you are looking to earn big from every referred purchase, you should look for some other vertical like email marketing.

By providing convenient tools to search hotels, you can easily earn on every booking. In order to accomplish this, you need to work with special partner networks. There are key players in the market today such as,, TripAdvisor, Agoda, Travelpayouts, Hotelscombined, etc. It is easy to select the best hotel affiliate program if you compare each offer by taking into consideration commission rates, conversion rates, and available tools and resources. 

The commission rates hotel affiliates get normally fall in the range of 3% to 6% for most programs. However, since a lot of people all around the globe are always booking hotels, it means the gross sales volume is considerably higher both in terms of number of buyers and dollar amount spent. 

So, for example, if someone is staying around 100 days every year in hotels, he or she is spending almost $15,000 per year (at an average rate of $150 a night.) At 5% commission rate, you get $750 in commissions from a single customer. Now, imagine if you have a pre-booking website that can tap 50 customers like this.

How To Promote Hotels And Resorts As An Affiliate?

To promote budget and luxury accommodation, you have to stick to a multichannel approach. First, take into consideration the customers you have. Take loyalty scheme into account and work hard in order to get satisfied customers within your stride, those who will come back, engage in spreading word of mouth and referrals.

Secondly, you have to proactively monitor and get involved through various popular hotel booking sites, surveys, as well as promotions. Thirdly, you need to work hard on publicizing your content on social media. Aside from just sending the content out, you need to test, adjust, go through analytics and reports, and build engagement. In addition to that, you can also try out sponsored ads by facebook, through which you can possibly target many types of audience. 

Top Hotel Influencers And Affiliates You Can Take A Lot Of Inspiration From

Top luxury and budget travel influencers are usually social media heroes who experience the industry and give actionable tips to their followers. They don’t just provide recommendations for hotels and resorts, but also review flights deals, suggest activities, and dole out travel ideas. 

In order to taste success as a hotel affiliate, you need to provide your audience with a complete package of information. Do not just suggest hotels, but help your audience plan their itinerary. You may inspire your audience like Chelsea Yamase does. You may also follow Tara Whiteman for some inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel Affiliate Programs

How can you join the hotel affiliate programs?

There are three basic steps you can set up hotel affiliate programs on your website. First, you need to choose a desired partner and sign up on their website. Once you are approved, you need to get your unique referral code and the creative to start promoting hotels.

Are there any requirements to start promoting hotels?

The only requirement is to have a computer and regular access to a computer. Aside from that, you have to have a bank account or online money account including Paypal from where you can withdraw your commission funds.

Most programs are actually free to sign up. If you come across a high-paying hotel affiliate program, you can apply to get access a hotel website’s API which is more advanced integration option for travel related websites.

How does a system track bookings?

When you refer a visitor to a hotel’s site from your website, the booking is tracked with cookies. This implies that even if the visitor leaves the site without completing a booking and returns to the booking site within a set time-frame (the cookie duration), the cookies keep track of the referral, and you will be rewarded with that profit.

What are some high-paying hotel affiliate programs?

Although hotel affiliate programs come with pretty average commission rates, you can actually earn big as the travelers spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on hotels and resorts. Therefore, you can earn tons of money even if the commission percentage is not so high.

Among the highest-paying hotel affiliate programs, NH Hotels affiliate program pays out 10% commission per sale. affiliate program is another high-paying program (6% – 8% per sale).