Automotive Affiliate Programs

If you have a blog or a YouTube channel and you are not on a lookout for a unique niche but a proven market where people spend tons of money, you should opt for automotive affiliate programs. The automotive affiliate marketing programs come with some of the sweetest commission rates across all verticals. If you are a car expert yourself or you simply love the mean machines, you can join the top auto affiliate programs to get off the hamster wheel.

The global automotive industry has undergone a sea of changes since the invention of the first automobile in 1884. Changes in the manufacturing processes, radical technological innovations and changes in the regulatory environment have contributed to the evolution of the industry, and many energy-efficient and sophisticated automobiles are now available in the mass market. This has led to the growth of many ancillary industries, such as car parts and accessories, car audio systems etc.

Automotive affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to steer your followers in your direction. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote auto parts, car dealership businesses, auto loans, budget cars, luxury cars, and even exotic cars.

We have compiled and created an extensive list of automotive affiliate programs that come with handsome commissions in revenue share, CPL, and CPA arrangements, loads of extra perks, world-class tracking mechanism, solid and dedicated support, plus a lot more. Browse through our auto affiliate program reviews to find and sign up for one that perfectly fits your affiliate business goals.

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Thrifty Affiliate


By joining the Thrifty affiliate program, you can just send travelers their way and Thrifty will

Vertical: Automotive, Car Rental
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified

Discover Cars Affiliate


If you have a travel-related blog or website, you can earn money by joining the Discover Cars

Vertical: Automotive, Car Rental
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 70% of car rental profit, 30% of Full Coverage revenue

Holiday Autos Affiliate


Holiday Autos affiliate program is very straightforward and simple to implement. By driving traffic

Vertical: Automotive, Car Rental
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 5% - 7 % per sale

Sixt Affiliate


By joining the Sixt affiliate program, you can team up with Sixt to promote the new SIXT ride

Vertical: Automotive, Car Rental
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 8% per sale

Zipcar Affiliate


By joining the Zipcar affiliate program, you can earn commission on each consumer, student and

Vertical: Automotive, Car Rental
Models: CPA
Payout: $10 - $30 per sale

AutoZone Affiliate


By joining the AutoZone affiliate program, you can earn commissions by promoting the top brands in

Vertical: Automotive
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 8% per sale

Edmunds Affiliate


If you have a website that attracts visitors who are interested in buying new cars, you can join the

Vertical: Automotive
Models: CPL
Payout: $5 - $8 per qualified lead

Why Promote Cars, Auto Dealerships, Auto Parts And Accessories?

The automotive industry is a global behemoth. It is one of those markets where the demand is not just for recently produced and trending products, but also for products and models that were produced long back. This explains why the car accessories market size is estimated at USD 459 billion globally (with the entire market valued at $2 trillion).

In the USA alone, 5 million new vehicles and 12 million used vehicles are purchased and sold every year. As you can assume, there’s a lot of affiliate cash floating around which you can grab by joining the top-paying automotive affiliate programs. 

The biggest companies in the auto sector, including the likes of Toyota, GM, Volkswagen, and Fiat Chrysler that regularly generate billions of dollars in profit, are ready to go the extra mile to boost sales and revenue, and so are the local car dealerships, auto parts makers, OEM manufacturers and used car sellers.

These companies are aggressively looking to partner with car bloggers, car enthusiasts, Instagrammers, auto reviewers and influencers like you. If you have a car blog or you take deep interest in automobiles, you can grow your affiliate business by joining any one of the high-paying car affiliate marketing programs.

Automotive Affiliate Programs – Are You The Right Fit?

You can be a winner in automotive affiliate marketing if you know how to share your honest experiences with your followers, if you love reviewing latest and vintage automobiles, and if you have a knack for replacement parts and accessories for the most-sold automobiles. By producing rich and in-depth content about the automotive brands, models, makes, and everything auto, you can earn the trust of your followers, and gradually become an automotive affiliate marketing champion in your own right.

Although the eligibility requirements are not the same for each merchant, a basic understanding of the car market will always work in your favor. You need to put considerable effort into researching through the options available in the market.

If you indulge in car adventures such as car rallies and road trips and share your experiences with your followers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere, you are a natural fit for the car affiliate programs. Do not forget to document your travel stories and always talk about the technical and performance side of things as this is what potential car and car parts buyers look for.

Car buying is a complex decision-making process and buyers take into consideration a whole lot of things, such as brand reputation, performance, value for money, quality, price, model, and make, just to name a few. Therefore, if you are already focusing on these aspects of automobiles and auto parts, you are a potentially good fit for the campaign and business goals of top automotive industry manufacturers, dealers, and resellers. 

How To Promote Automobiles And Auto Parts And Accessories As An Affiliate?

As an automotive affiliate marketer, you need to widen your view and have an understanding of the automotive industry in general. After that, try to focus on the sub-niches. On the basis of that, research your audience and follow up with the target audience. If you take a methodical approach, you can gradually see the difference you make for the dealerships and sellers and your affiliate income will gradually increase.

You can start by reviewing dealerships, car models, and auto parts through your blog, website, or YouTube channel. While covering the automotive beat and gathering knowledge about cars and car parts, you must also analyze the behavior of potential buyers who are genuinely interested in auto parts, vintage cars, exotic cars, etc. You can include actual user reviews in your blog or provide details of the latest vehicle parts. Try to use a mix of expert opinions and real user reviews and testimonials to promote brands and products to your target audience.

Always remember that the content must come with a good deal of visuals (videos, pictures). As a car reviewer, you need to test out the suspension, throttle, brakes, and steering of any car you review, besides focusing on the comfort and convenience factors. Do not be biased and get yourself armed with all the essentials data and materials. This way, you can gradually build your trust and work your way to the top.

Both Facebook and Instagram work goods for car affiliate marketers who want to promote cars. However, there’s nothing more effective than having a YouTube channel as potential buyers of cars and car parts always want to see their future purchases on the road and in action.

Top Automotive Affiliate Marketers You Should Follow To Get Inspiration

Many of the top automotive affiliate marketers are car enthusiasts and car geeks themselves. These top influencers work as influencers or affiliate marketers for some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry, including the likes of Jeep, Subaru, and Ferrari. If you need some inspiration, you can follow these influencers, subscribe to their blogs, or follow them on YouTube and Instagram.

When it comes to automotive affiliate marketing or influencer marketing, Tim Burton a.k.a. Shmee would top the list. You can also follow Dan, a motor vlogger, on his YouTube channel Do It With Dan, or David Patterson on Instagram to draw inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions About Automotive Affiliate Marketing

Can you promote cars as an affiliate marketer?

Yes, you can. You need to show people why they should invest in a certain car make and not the others. There are dealerships and top auto manufacturers who would offer you generous commissions if you help them drive sales. 

You can even join vintage car affiliate programs, used car affiliate programs, and exotic car affiliate programs.

What hosting platform can you use to get your automotive blog up and running?

You need to get on the web to get started with car affiliate marketing. There are quite a few hosting services that can catapult you to the world of web and you can get your own address on the internet. 

We recommend using low-cost hosting services at the beginning to get your blog up and running. There are also free hosting services, but those are not recommended as you will miss out on too many essential features.

Should you be a car geek yourself to promote automotive brands?

If you are a car geek yourself, it means you are in an advantageous position. After all, you have better knowledge and hands-on experience than other affiliate marketers. 

However, it’s not mandatory to be a car geek to join the top-paying automotive affiliate programs.

What are some high-paying automotive affiliate programs?

There are quite a few high-paying automotive affiliate marketing programs. Some of the best-paying auto affiliate programs are Edmunds affiliate program and AutoZone affiliate program.