Coupon Affiliate Programs

Over half of those who shop online search for promo codes before buying anything. This is the main reason why coupons are considered as a highly profitable affiliate vertical. Coupon affiliate programs enable the affiliate marketers join hands with top coupon and deal websites. As a matter of fact, you can rake in quite a huge amount by partnering top retailers with the help of such programs.

Coupons are a highly effective tool that brings potential customers closer to different brands. These coupon affiliate programs are known to arrange promotional coupon codes either by product or by brand. Through the coupons affiliate programs, you can now easily become an influencer and make thousands of customers get aware of popular brands.

To make it easy for you, we have examined and reviewed the top coupon affiliate programs. Get to know about different commission sharing models like CPC, CPA, as well as revenue sharing before you sign up for a particular coupon affiliate program. Surf through the coupon websites to know more regarding their revenue models. Get, set, go!

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Woot Affiliate


If you want to take your internet business to the next level and earn a commission of 2% - 4% by

Vertical: Coupon
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 2% - 4% per sale

LivingSocial Affiliate


If you want to join LivingSocial's goal to help people from all walks of life to save money on some

Vertical: Coupon
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 8% - 22% per sale

Zulily Affiliate


Zulily affiliate program can give you the opportunity to promote top brands like Origany, Petit

Vertical: Coupon
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 2% or more per sale

Ibotta Influencer Program


Are you an influencer? Can you share your favorite new Ibotta deals on your social networks like

Vertical: Coupon
Models: CPL
Payout: $2.00 per registration/download of iBotta iOS app/Android app

SavingStars Affiliate


If you want to make money while helping people save money on their groceries, join the SavingStars

Vertical: Coupon
Models: CPL
Payout: $1.00 per completed registration, $0.15 per redeemed coupon Affiliate


Through affiliate program, influencers have access to affiliate links for millions of

Vertical: Coupon
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 0% - 50% per signup



89% of the overall population uses coupons when shopping at supermarkets. Digital coupon users spend

Vertical: Coupon
Models: CPA, CPM
Payout: Unspecified

CouponSurfer Affiliate


If you want to help your blog or website visitors unlock printable grocery coupons and online

Vertical: Coupon
Models: CPL
Payout: $0.40 per new member joining Rewards Program

Why Promote Coupon Websites And Daily Deals?

As a marketing professional, it might be difficult for you to overlook the sheer promotional power of special promo codes and coupon codes. Consumers have been quite addicted to the money-saving power of promo codes and coupons since Coca-Cola rolled out the first ever paper-free drink voucher back in 1881. Truly, nobody likes scourging through heaps of coupons and deal codes and they always look for pithy shopping tips and a collection of the coolest deals at their fingertips.

At present, 97% of American consumers admittedly look for hot deals and discounts while shopping, with a staggering 92% of them admittedly always looking for coupon codes and deals. Chances are there that you also come across discount coupons and daily deals while shopping online. As a discount code affiliate marketing professional, you just need to satiate the ever-craving shoppers with the right deals, codes, and pieces of advice.

Coupons are highly popular among both affluent individuals and millennial shoppers. If you have a blog or any website that speaks about the benefits of availing coupons and promo codes, or you simply love giving out scoop on awesome daily deals and coupon codes on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, you can turn your passion into money by joining any of the high-paying coupon affiliate programs.

Coupon Affiliate Programs – Are You The Right Fit?

Everybody loves discounts, but nobody likes finding the needle in the haystack i.e. identifying the deals that best match their shopping choices and requirements. This is where deals websites come into the picture. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to bridge the gap between deals websites and shoppers.

However, checking the affiliate partner eligibility criteria for each merchant is highly advisable. Some of the top deals’ websites, such as Ibotta, require their affiliate partners to at least have a working website with a sizeable number of monthly visits as a bare minimum, although it is not explicitly spelled out in their T&C.

Eligibility requirements might differ from one merchant to another. Top coupon marketplace affiliate programs have certain eligibility requirements in common, whereas curated coupon site affiliate programs might come with a different set of terms and conditions. You can also check the T&C and apply to cashback coupon site affiliate programs and coupon app affiliate programs.

If you have a blog or website with a decent number of monthly visits and unique visits and you dish out buying tips, how-to guides, shopping tips and money-saving tips, you are a potential fit for the high-paying coupons affiliate programs. However, you should always steer clear of spammy coupon sites as these sites can damage your site’s reputation.

How To Promote Cashback Offers, Daily Deals, And Discount Codes?

Instead of applying to the affiliate program of just about any coupon or deal website, go for 2-3 coupon sites, preferably the most reputable ones, that have dedicated affiliate support team and wide range of tools for affiliates.

If you are a shopaholic yourself and you feel you would use a coupon/deal website yourself because it has got lots of exciting and genuine deals, you can consider applying to its affiliate program.

Once you are approved into a program, you should not just talk about coupons and deals on your website, but you should also publish the deals on your website. This is because your site visitors would look for a call-to-action button and they might click away from your website if they cannot locate the right button to grab the deal or discount code directly through your website.

If you are working with just one merchant, the most effective way to make money as a coupon affiliate is to model and design your site after that of a merchant. Try to use identical fonts and color schemes so that the visitors get a feel that they have landed the right place and they can hunt the deals of their choice directly through your website/blog.

Top Deals Influencers And Savings Bloggers You Can Find A Lot Of Inspiration In

The excitement of finding something that you crave and saving a lot of money is great fun and a large section of today’s shoppers are quite obsessed with the idea of discount codes and coupon codes. There are a host of top-notch coupon influencers and bloggers who help people with their bargain hunts quite well.

If you need some real inspiration, you could join the Pink Rose Mama group on Facebook, or subscribe to Deal Seeking Mom.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coupon Affiliate Programs

What kind of content should you use on your coupon affiliate website?

Refrain from directly advertising any product or brand on your coupon affiliate website. Instead, provide your visitors with in-depth and informative reviews of products and brands. This way, you can earn trust and build authority, which would help you with conversion in the long run.

How can you start a coupon affiliate website?

To start a coupon affiliate website, you need a domain name, hosting, a coupon word press theme, and an approval from a coupon aggregation website. The first three things can be obtained easily. However, the fourth step of getting an approval might be a bit challenging if your domain is fairly new.

To get accepted as an affiliate of any of those top coupons and deals websites, you need to have an old domain name with a live website. You can create a website for as low as $100 and get your website updated automatically from time to time. 

What are the different types of coupon websites you can possibly become an affiliate partner for?

Coupon marketplace websites, curated coupon websites, cashback sites, coupon apps and deals browser extensions are some of the popular types of coupon sites that might have an affiliate program you can apply to.

Can you join an affiliate network to sign up for top coupon affiliate programs?

Top affiliate networks, such as Impact, ShareASale, and Commission Junction have got swarms of coupons and deals websites listed as merchants with them. You can join these networks to directly apply to these programs. Alternatively, you can read the coupon affiliate program reviews on our website and make a decision.