CPM Affiliate Programs

CPM or Cost Per Mile is a commission model used by merchants who pay a fixed rate for a certain number of impressions/views. Merchants who follow this affiliate payment model release payment after an advertisement is shown for a certain number of times (usually, thousand times). If you are choosing an affiliate program which follows this model, you can be rest assured that you will be paid whether or not the user clicks on an ad.

For affiliates, this payment model always creates a win-win situation as they can easily forecast their earnings. As an affiliate marketer, you just have to show the advertisement on your website or blog and the onus is on the merchant to make it as appealing as possible. CPM is a low-risk payment model as whether a visitor decides to buy a product or service or not, you will still get paid.

CPM payment model is ideal for website or blog owners who have a high sizeable audience. Remember that clicks won’t be counted and paid separately in this model, unlike in CPC. For the affiliate programs, this commission model bears the highest amount of risk as they have to pay a commission regardless of the quality or relevancy of the traffic and even if the traffic sent doesn’t convert into a sale or generate any real revenue for them.

We have assembled and reviewed all the top CPM affiliate programs for you so you don’t have to flick through thousands of affiliate programs to find the affiliate program most suited for you. We have reviewed each of these programs in detail, listed down their pros and cons and explained how these programs work. You can either go through our reviews to know more or visit the websites of the affiliate programs.

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Indeed Publisher Program


If you sign up for the Indeed Publisher Program, you can help people get jobs. By doing so, you can

Vertical: Jobs
Models: CPC, CPM
Payout: Unspecified



89% of the overall population uses coupons when shopping at supermarkets. Digital coupon users spend

Vertical: Coupon
Models: CPA, CPM
Payout: Unspecified

Bankrate Affiliate Center


Program Introduction What sets Bankrate apart for consumer financial product offerings?

Models: CPA, CPC, CPL, CPM, Revenue Share