All Platforms - Complete list of all Affiliate Networks

All Platforms – Complete list of all Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks or platforms are affiliate marketplaces that bridge the gap between merchants and publishers or affiliate marketers. If you are a blogger or webmaster looking to find and compare affiliate programs that follow the same tracking mechanism and the same payment methods, you can join any of the top affiliate networks or platforms. We have reviewed the top affiliate platforms to help you understand how each of these affiliate platforms work and what all benefits you can enjoy as a publisher by joining these networks.


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What Is An Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network or affiliate platform is an intermediary connecting companies/brands (‘merchants’) and bloggers and web entrepreneurs. It’s a single web portal that features multiple affiliate programs so that affiliate marketers do not need to look hither and thither for legit affiliate programs. The merchants that are a part of any of the best affiliate networks are verified and the technology for all the affiliate programs listed on the network is provided by the network itself.

If you join an affiliate network with a valid web address and after submitting your tax and payment information, you would be able to access a bunch of affiliate programs right away. However, the individual merchants have the approval authority, which means your application may get approved or rejected based on your profile, your website’s audience type and niche, and monthly visits to your website.

Why Should You Compare And Choose Affiliate Platforms Carefully?

The tracking mechanism of all the top affiliate networks is par excellence. However, each of the platforms listed here has different and unique eligibility requirements. You need to furnish a few useful details during the sign-up process and your application would be reviewed thoroughly by the network administrators to determine your eligibility.

On the other hand, many of the platforms focus on specific affiliate marketing verticals and if you are looking for verticalized expertise and you want to compare programs under a specific vertical, you need to know first which vertical is prioritized by which network. The USP of each network is different, the tracking mechanism is different, and so are the payment methods. Hence, you need to know the finer points of each affiliate network before joining one.

Here at AFFKO, we have made comparing and reviewing affiliate networks a piece of old tackle for you. We have reviewed the popularity of the top affiliate platforms, listed the verticals these platforms mainly have programs for, the functionalities along with the steps to get started, the banking options, and an exhaustive list of advantages of each of these platforms. Just go ahead and learn more about these platforms before you join one.