IHG PartnerConnect Review

Vertical: Hotel, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 3% per qualified booking


If you would like to earn money by referring to hotel bookings from your website or customized links to IHG brand websites, then you are a possible fit for IHG PartnerConnect. By sharing links on your website or through another communication channel, you can let your visitors book hotels through your link. If an IHG hotel is reserved as a result of a visitor linking directly to our website from your customized link, you will get 3% of the total room revenue as an affiliate commission.


About IHG

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) hotels and resorts are located in more than 60 countries with local insight that comes from over 60 years of experience. IHG® is one of the world’s leading hotel companies, with 400,000 colleagues working across more than 100 countries to deliver True Hospitality for everyone. Their diverse portfolio of differentiated brands is well known and loved by millions of consumers around the world. This video sums up the journey of IHG since 1946. Watch it to know more about the global brand:


IHG PartnerConnect

IHG PartnerConnect is an award-winning, best-in-class affiliate program. What really sets it apart from the competition is that it’s not just an affiliate program. Affiliates are acknowledged and treated as partners. IHG will put the products and services in place to help you do well.

PartnerConnect is a program that allows you to place customized links to IHG brands and hotels on your website or via email to your contacts. By sharing these links on your website or through another communication channel, you can let your visitors book hotels through your link. If an IHG Hotel is reserved as a result of a visitor linking directly to our website from your customized link, IHG will pay you a percentage of the total room revenue when the visitor completes their hotel stay.

Commission Rates

3% per qualified booking

You will earn a minimum of 3% of the total consumed hotel bookings that are generated from your website with increased earnings opportunities based on volume and incentives run through PartnerConnect.
A booking is considered consumed after a guest has completed their stay and checked out of one of IHG hotels.
14-day cookie duration

Why Join IHG PartnerConnect?
  • Pay-per-call tracking
  • Robust APIs
  • Multi-language copy and creative
  • Reliable tracking via Commission Junction
  • Regularly updated offers, promotions, etc


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a website outside of the United States join PartnerConnect?
Yes. PartnerConnect welcomes members from anywhere in the world. They have program managers based in 7 countries and we offer creative in 6 languages. IHG websites also display in over 16 languages to make it easy for affiliates to land customers on region-specific in-language pages. IHG has the ability to pay out earnings in multiple currencies, including but not limited to the following:

  • CAD – Canadian Dollar CHF – Swiss Franc DKK – Danish Krone EUR – Euro
  • GBP – Sterling
  • HKD – Hong Kong Dollar JPY – Japanese Yen NOK – Norwegian Krone
  • NZD – New Zealand Dollar PHP – Philippine Peso SEK – Saudi Riyal
  • SGD – Swedish Krona
  • USD – United States Dollar ZAR – South African Rand

You operate more than one website. Can you still join PartnerConnect?
Yes. You can have multiple sites as part of the PartnerConnect program. You can have one account with them that will include all of your sites. You will be given one Customer ID (CID) and each separate site will have its own unique PID. PID refers to your Commission Junction publisher Web site ID. This is necessary to create your unique URL so bookings can be tracked back to your account and credited to each site’s unique PID. You can track the progress of each of your sites separately and be paid with one monthly check or direct deposit.

How do you join PartnerConnect?
Simply complete the PartnerConnect application process which can be found by visiting their affiliate page. After your application is submitted, they will contact you to let you know if you’ve been accepted as a Partner, and they will provide you with information on how to get started.

What are your responsibilities upon joining the program?
PartnerConnect will provide you with the tools and support you need to maximize sales through your site or through your customized links. You are responsible for implementing your links correctly and testing the links to make sure that bookings are tracked properly. You cannot alter links by removing any parameters that are in your customized links.

How can you partner with IHG directly?
As a large international company, IHG has many departments that may be an ideal fit with your company or organization. To best determine the team to contact, you need to submit an inquiry to [email protected] with NEW VENDOR REQUEST in the subject line.

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