Aviasales Affiliate Review

Vertical: Flights, Travel
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 50% - 70% per sale, 5% per sale by sub-affiliate


If you have a website or blog about tourism and travel, a forum or a regional portal, you can give your audience or followers the opportunity to search for cheap flights directly on your website and earn from 50% – 70% of aviasales.ru revenue from sold airline tickets and other products by joining the Aviasales affiliate program. Site owners (recommended topics: tourism, travel, regional portals, women’s sites, forums, etc), bloggers, owners of groups on social networks (Twitter, VK, Facebook, Classmates, etc), SEO-specialists and travel agencies are the ideal fit for the Aviasales.ru affiliate program.


About Aviasales

Aviasales is one of the most modern and convenient airline search tools on the market. This is a brand well known to Russian travelers that has a well-deserved reputation for reliable service. Now Pulkovo passengers can select the best tickets for traveling from St. Petersburg taking into account the maximum number of criteria while having on hand at the airport website all the necessary information about the route network, services in the terminal, control, and inspection procedures.

Today, Aviasales.ru is the first and largest meta-search for cheap flights in Russia. Users of the meta-search engine can look for flights of 728 airlines, 200 ticket offices, and 5 booking systems (GDS) using the most modern technologies. To know more, watch this video:


Aviasales Affiliate Program

Everyone who wants to earn on the sale of airline tickets can join the Aviasales affiliate program. As an affiliate, you need to place a ticket search form on your website. If the user is interested in buying a ticket, and the form is clearly visible on the page, then he searches for a ticket, reserves and buys it.

You will get your commission 50% – 70% of Aviasales’ income from the ticket sold. In addition, they pay a commission for hotel reservations and other useful products.

The specific percentage of commission (50, 60 or 70%) depends on the amount of income received by Aviasales.ru from the partner’s traffic (per month), as well as on the method of paying the commission:

The commission is paid from the 11th to the 20th day of each month for the previous one.

To track sales, Avisales.ru uses affiliate identifiers and cookies. The cookies are stored for 30 days. This means that even if the user did not make the purchase immediately, but within a month after the first transition from your site to aviasales.ru, they will count the sale, and you will receive a commission.

Also, if the user searches for tickets within 30 days, then with each search they will extend the user’s cookies for another 30 days. Thus, the shelf life of cookies in the affiliate program can be eternal.

Avisales affiliate program is a two-tier affiliate program, of which the second tier is the Referral Program. It is an additional way to earn money by attracting new affiliate partners. You place a link to register in the program with your affiliate marker and get 5% of Aviasales’ income generated by your referrals (partners who registered using your link).

Commission Rates

50% – 70% per sale, 5% per sale by sub-affiliate

Why Join AviaSales Affiliate Program?
  • Large selection of tools, including links, search modules, banners, white-label and API
  • The commission is paid not only for airline tickets but also for any other travel product advertised
  • 11 years of experience in affiliate partnership management
  • Site is upgraded and updated on a regular basis
  • Easy to sign up
  • Dedicated support


Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch sales statistics?

The statistics of purchases of your visitors can be viewed on-line in the personal account for partners. You will get the opportunity to analyze the number of searches, bookings, and sales. Improving your site, and concentrating on the most profitable traffic sources, you can see how your income increases.

How to get started?

Follow the link on the affiliate page and register in the affiliate program. Within a few minutes, an activation link for your account will be sent to the email address specified during registration. After clicking on the link, you will get access to your Personal Account.

In your account, copy the code of the search form and install it on your website. Make your form visible, encourage users to search for airline tickets, and earn.

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