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Vertical: Coupon
Models: CPA, CPM
Payout: Unspecified


89% of the overall population uses coupons when shopping at supermarkets. Digital coupon users spend 42% more per year on groceries. By joining the Brandcaster program, which is another name for affiliate program, you can get paid to promote great offers from brands you love, such as Cheerios, Glade, Crest, Pillsbury, Ziploc, Heinz, Kleenex, Gap, Nine West, Perry Ellis, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Petsmart, Easyspirit and so on. You must have a US address and a website to join the program.


About Quotient (

Quotient, through its flagship consumer website, is a leading digital promotion and media platform that connects brands, retailers and consumers. Quotient provides consumers with multiple money-saving services like printable grocery coupons, digital paperless coupons, card-linked offers, a receipt-scanning, and cashback app, and codes. Online coupon codes are available for popular stores such as Amazon, Best Buy and Kohls. Check out this promotional video to know more about the brand –


Brandcaster ( Affiliate Program)

The Brandcaster program is a free publisher program that allows you to earn money for promoting great offers from brands your audience loves. Brandcaster will help you provide a rich couponing experience for your visitors with a coupon gallery, widgets, and links on your site. The Brandcaster program can help you earn money and boost site visits with popular coupons and offers from top brands. New offers are continually being added to the Brandcaster program, allowing you to receive fresh content regularly and helping you better engage with visitors. All you need to join the coupon affiliate program is a live website and a U.S. address.

Commission Rates


The commission you earn depends on the offer type. For example:

  • Grocery, personal care & household coupons – Commission is paid on qualifying coupon transactions within the Savings Center, such as the User-initiated action of printing a coupon.
  • Card Linked Offers – Commission will vary according to each Card Linked Offer. You can find that information listed in the Brandcaster portal for each offer before you choose to promote them.
  • Display Ads – Commission is paid on ad impressions.
  • Coupon Codes – Coupon code offers can easily be integrated into your Savings Center gallery. However, no commission will be paid on coupon codes transactions at this time.
Why Join Brandcaster?
  • Top Offers – Coupons and offers for the top brands that will keep your consumers coming back.
  • Relevant Solutions – A variety of ways for you to promote offers on your site.
  • Huge Inventory – For groceries, specialty retailers and restaurants, our inventory of offers is unmatched.
  • Easy Signup – If you have a website and a U.S. address, you can get started right away.
  • Display Ads – Monetize every visit to your site with integrated ads that complement your coupon gallery.


Frequently Asked questions

How do you apply and get started?
All you need is a U.S.-based website and a U.S. address. Here are the steps to get started:

  • Create a Brandcaster account and agree to the Brandcaster program Agreement.
  • Log-in and create a campaign: Savings Center, widget or link.
  • Implement the campaign on your site. Campaigns will be active when your website is approved in 1-3 business days.
  • Start earning money.

Can you sign up to be a Brandcaster publisher if you are based outside the U.S.?
In order to issue payment, Brandcaster needs your U.S. tax identification information and a U.S. mailing address. Individuals and businesses must be based in the U.S. in order to qualify for the Brandcaster program. The Brandcaster coupons and offers are available only for the U.S. audience.

Does your website have to be live?
The sites associated with your account must be active and accessible to the public in order to get approved.

Can you promote coupons on other places besides your website?
You can link to coupons and share on social media networks or your newsletters to increase your reach.

How often do new coupons get added?
New coupons are continuously added throughout the month, but typically they are added at the beginning and middle of the month. Hundreds of coupons from popular brands such as Procter & Gamble, General Mills, and SC Johnson are available.

What is a Savings Center?
The Brandcaster Savings Center is a customizable, full-page coupon gallery that provides a complete couponing experience right on your site. You can tailor the look and feel of the Savings Center to match your site. The Savings Center is implemented with a simple block of JavaScript code provided by Brandcaster.

What is a widget?
Widgets are interactive banners featuring high-performing coupon categories from popular and trusted brands. Brandcaster optimizes the content in the widgets and display offers that drive users to print. Brandcaster widgets are available in a variety of industry-standard banner sizes and color displays that you can easily customize to match your site. Widgets are implemented with a simple block of JavaScript code.

How to use the links?
You can use clickable links in your emails, social media pages, website or blogs. Link to Card Linked Offers, as well as to specific coupons within your Brandcaster Savings Center. Coupon links can be created easily within the Brandcaster account. A coupon link campaign allows you to link directly to specific coupons. Linking to specific coupons from your site can be a powerful way to drive more coupon prints from your users.

What are Card-Linked Offers?
Card Linked Offers are in-store offers that your users can add directly to their credit or debit card. Upon making a qualifying purchase using their registered card thus redeeming the offer, your user will receive a reward while you earn a commission. By promoting offers for in-store purchases (which is where most consumer spending occurs), you will give your users a new way to save without having to print.

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