Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Gurus on YouTube: Learn From Proven Marketers

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Gurus on YouTube: Learn From Proven Marketers

As an affiliate marketer, you have probably flipped through hundreds of websites and blogs to learn more about how affiliate marketing works and to figure out how to use some of the most effective tools to become a smart affiliate marketer.

Did you make it a point to subscribe to the YouTube channels of the top affiliate marketing gurus? If you haven’t been able to find the top affiliate marketing experts, or gurus, who went down the same path and made their way to the top, we have compiled a list of the top five affiliate marketing gurus so you can stop rooting around and get your daily dose of marketing hacks from the crème de la crème.

After our last post on the Top 13 Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Affiliate Marketer Needs, where we extensively covered the best tools to attain success with affiliate marketing, we decided to compile a list of the top five affiliate marketing gurus who have a YouTube channel, among other social media channels. By subscribing to these channels, you will not only be able to stay updated about the latest affiliate marketing trends, but you can also learn some marketing hacks that can really go a long way.


Why Should You Follow Affiliate Marketing Gurus?

Gurus are thought leaders in their respective fields. By following affiliate marketing gurus on YouTube, you will gradually be able to learn how to jump off the nine-to-five bandwagon and be your own boss.

There is definitely no dearth of affiliate marketing tutorials on YouTube. However, not all of these videos deserve your bandwidth and time. Some might tell you that you can get rich overnight if you buy their tool or enroll in their training course (which will possibly never happen), while others may just lack substance. There is not much really good stuff on affiliate marketing on YouTube, to be honest.

So how can you cut to the chase? We have listed here the top five affiliate marketing gurus we personally liked a lot, and we hope you can also find what you are looking for – actionable affiliate marketing tips, on their YouTube channels. Of course, there are lots of other people who are quite popular on YouTube, but these five mainly focus on affiliate marketing. So, here you go.


Kevin David – 916K Subscribers

Kevin, who is known as the pioneer of the Freedom Movement, left his accounting job before creating a mass movement to help people become financially independent. To date, he has freed hundreds and thousands of people from their day jobs and helped people realize that they can lead a better life by freeing themselves from the nine-to-five grind. His YouTube videos are useful for anyone looking to earn money while enjoying all the good things in life.

Kevin David started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of fourteen. Growing up in a suburban area of Pacific Northwest, Kevin developed a passion for soccer, which later helped him to learn many things about hard work and competition. Kevin, who used to sell candy bars and baseball cards as a teen, later started developing blogs and websites, while learning how to grow his passive income with Google Ad Sense and Amazon Affiliate Program alongside.

By following Kevin’s channel on YouTube, you will not only learn how to start affiliate marketing for free, but you can also learn the tricks of earning $1000 or more per day with affiliate marketing. Of course, you don’t need to pay anything to stay in the loop about Kevin’s latest affiliate marketing hacks, as you can just hit the ‘Subscribe’ button to get started.

The best thing about following Kevin on YouTube is that he responds to each and every message. You can also send him business inquiries and if there is an opportunity to partner with Kevin as a sub-affiliate, you can possibly grab it before anyone else does!

Learn more about the role of sub-affiliates in the affiliate marketing ecosystem before you apply to become one.


Project Life Mastery – 915K Subscribers

Stefan James dishes out some of the most effective strategies for living life to the fullest. Aside from having a YouTube channel, he also has a podcast and a blog where he tells folks about how to stay motivated and get affiliate success.

Stefan James is a web entrepreneur, life coach, philanthropist as well as a globetrotter who is obsessed about taking control of every aspect of his life and exploring his potential as a complete human being. His self-development journey started when he was only 17 years of age and in 2012, he founded Project Life Master to help others attain their life goals too.

By subscribing to his channel, you can learn how to stay motivated through your journey as an affiliate marketer. Not only that, but you will also learn how to grow your passive income, how to change your mindset and how to stay physically fit, and productive and happy at the same time.

Stefan’s YouTube channel is quite diverse as he regularly uploads videos on everything from how to get started as an affiliate marketer to how to use affiliate marketing tricks. Follow his videos to learn effective morning rituals for affiliate marketers too.


Nathan Lucas – 379K Subscribers

If you are looking for some hands-on training on affiliate marketing, as well as motivation and inspiration, Nathan Lucas is the affiliate marketing guru you should start following. Nathan, who founded Freedom Influencers, helps his followers to transform themselves into financially independent affiliate marketers by monetizing their passion. The ‘Freedom Influencer’ also has his presence on Twitter, aside from having a YouTube channel with 379K followers.

Nathan started his journey as a network marketer in 2014, and since he was already familiar with Multi-Level Marketing, he found success within a short time. However, Nathan, who was an entrepreneur at heart, tried to build his business empire and switched to affiliate marketing a year later. He did what most successful affiliate marketers do – learning while earning and started to build his empire one step at a time.

By subscribing to Nathan’s YouTube channel, you will find some of his secret strategies on affiliate marketing, motivation, and mindset and you can use these strategies to attain total financial freedom. Nathan also helps his audience to know more about growing their passive income, while also covering topics like staying healthy and growing healthy relationships alongside.

Nathan mainly teaches his audience how to build niche affiliate websites, how to brand core offers, and how to build effective sales funnels. He also offers free marketing guides and ebooks, but to access those materials, you need to be on his email list too.


ODi Productions – 254K Subscribers

ODi Productions, the YouTube channel of a web entrepreneur who is also a part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, is all about affiliate marketing and making money online. ODi, who has got 254K+ followers on YouTube, is a professional affiliate marketer and a web entrepreneur with years of relevant experience under his belt.

Unlike other gurus on our list, ODi didn’t start out as an affiliate marketer or an internet marketer, but he actually made his YouTube channel to promote and share his music with the world. Eventually, he started promoting headphones for a particular brand. When this worked in favor of him, he started dishing out tips and tricks for internet marketing and his business grew over time.

By subscribing to ODi’s YouTube channel, you will not only get all the essential technical knowledge, but you will also learn about the courses he offers, such as the Affiliate Evolution course, which is recommended by thousands of affiliate marketers around the globe.

The key to affiliate marketing success is to combine profit-building strategies with the right attitude and work ethics. ODi Productions’ YouTube channels and the courses and free tutorials he offers through his website can help you learn the art of combining these two very important elements for building your affiliate marketing business.


Dan Brock – 181K Subscribers

Are you looking for lazy yet effective affiliate marketing strategies and tactics? If that is the case, you should be in the subscriber list of Dan Brock of Deadbeat Super Affiliate. Dan shares his proven effective methods of affiliate marketing success with his followers on YouTube. Dan is a master of many things (and we mean it), including email lead generation, social media marketing, and of course, affiliate marketing.

Dan, who traded his nine-to-five job for the thrill and excitement of a lifetime, often uses Amazon’s Associate Program as an example, but he doesn’t stick to it only. His training and tips work with just about any kind of affiliate program. The fun part is that Dan caricatures the average lazy affiliate marketer and teaches important things in a fun and memorable way.

By following Dan on YouTube, you will learn how much you can really make in a day with affiliate marketing, how not to go out of business ever, how to get a six-figure paycheck as an affiliate marketer and so much more. He is a powerhouse of affiliate marketing, and on top of it, he’s a ‘jolly good fellow’!


Final Thoughts

All the affiliate marketing gurus we listed above do not just earn money by teaching others how to be successful as affiliate marketers. They are also affiliate marketers themselves. The only difference they have with the thousands of affiliate marketers plying their trade is that they are a cut above the rest.


Want to know how to become a Super Affiliate? You can explore who is a Super Affiliate and how you can become one here, but if you need some real inspiration and motivation, make it a point to subscribe to the YouTube channels of these gurus, download their e-books, enroll in their courses, discover their podcasts and stay in the loop.

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