What Is A Super Affiliate And How Can You Become One?

What Is A Super Affiliate And How Can You Become One?

You may not be quite sure about this, but you can actually become a Super Affiliate. While virtually anybody with a website or blog or social media presence can earn a living off affiliate marketing, very few people can rise above the ordinary and become a Super Affiliate. A Super Affiliate is an affiliate marketer who is capable of generating a sizeable revenue for the merchant he represents. Let’s have a brief understanding of what a Super Affiliate is.


Who Is A Super Affiliate?

A Super Affiliate is an affiliate who is a top-performing affiliate marketer who is a cut above the rest. He really knows his stuff like the back of his hand and is extremely successful with his campaigns.

This kind of affiliate often generates the largest chunk of revenue for the merchants they work for.

Their total earnings often run into 6 figures and even millions!

They are not just affiliate marketers, but successful businesspersons often managing their own companies.

Super Affiliates are the top 1% of all affiliate marketers.


Why Super Affiliates Are A Class Apart?

Affiliate marketing closes the gap between top merchants and virtual salespeople who are known as affiliate marketers. However, most of the affiliate marketers generate negligible results. In fact, the top 10% of affiliate marketers drive more than 90% of sales and revenue and the remaining 90% affiliate marketers to drive 10% of total affiliate sales worldwide.

Super Affiliates, on the other hand, account for more sales and revenue than hundreds and thousands of smaller affiliate marketers. Affiliate managers want to partner with Super Affiliates as this allows them to spend less time generating results and they can focus on their administrative duties.

The constant and high demand for Super Affiliates gives them a competitive edge. They often demand higher commissions, special rewards, and even custom commission rates.


How To Become A Super Affiliate?

You might be wondering all this while how to join the elite club of affiliate marketers. In our previous post, we discussed how to find affiliate programs that are relevant to you. Finding relevant brands and affiliate programs is the biggest challenge for any affiliate marketing beginners. However, if you are already making a living off affiliate marketing, you might wonder how to get to the top of your game. Here’s how to do that.

Don’t Be Passive

Affiliate marketing is often described as a means to generate passive income, and that’s 100% true. However, if you want to work your way to the top, you just can’t sit idle.

One of the biggest traits of Super Affiliates is that they do not procrastinate and they never lose sight of their goals. If you want to become a Super Affiliate, learn, get into action, learn from your mistakes, and repeat. Do not be passive and you need to continuously work to maintain and update what you have created.

Learn From Your Competitors

Take the time out to learn from the top-performing affiliate marketers. If you want to be in the same league with them, you need to learn how they became successful.

Attend webinars, read books, listen to podcasts and even participate in affiliate meetups near you so you can learn a lot from those who have got inspiring stories of success to tell. You can also use Spy Tools to spy on your competitors and copy their tricks.

Put Your Financial Goals First

Budgeting is an important aspect of affiliate marketing.

You need to figure out what you need to invest to become a Super Affiliate or even a moderately successful affiliate.

You may need to invest in new software applications, outsource content development and web design, or even spend on email marketing.

You also need to factor in the daily and monthly expenses, such as the cost of electricity and other utilities, etc.

Use Emails Strategically

If you want to turn your referrals into your loyal followers, you should include an email capture function to your website and build an emailing list.

If you can send out newsletters containing attractive offers and inspiring content, you can successfully keep your followers hooked.

The biggest advantage of building a loyal clientele with email marketing is that people in your list will make repeat purchases and recommend the brands you promote. This way, your income will multiply over time.

Be Consistent

As an affiliate marketer, you need to constantly look for newer innovative ways to rake in money.

You can’t just watch your money grow while sleeping like Bill Gates. That simply doesn’t happen in affiliate marketing. You need to be creative, innovative, restless, and consistent to become a Super Affiliate.

Super Affiliates do not feel smug after achieving success with one or two campaigns, but they turn BIG success into ONGOING success.


Final Thoughts

A Super Affiliate is an indispensable affiliate marketer every company would love to partner with. To join the ranks of Super Affiliates, you need to learn first How Affiliate Programs Work and be a learner at heart. There’s a lot you can learn from your competitors and your mistakes.

Remember that with the right information and the right effort, ANYONE CAN BECOME A SUPER AFFILIATE!

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