Coronavirus And Your Affiliate Business: Top-Selling Verticals 2020 You Ought To Know

Coronavirus And Your Affiliate Business: Top-Selling Verticals 2020 You Ought To Know

By now, you are familiar with the term ‘Coronavirus’.

It’s a rapidly spreading disease that will continue to spread in the foreseeable future too. With almost 1.4 million people infected globally and close to 80,000 of them already lost their battle to the deadly coronavirus, WHO has already declared it a pandemic.

But what about the impacts of Coronavirus on the economy? More specifically, what does it mean for your affiliate business? The pandemic has already caused the global stock markets to come a cropper, but does it mean your affiliate business would be hit badly? Well, if you can find the right affiliate marketing vertical and zero in on the right product with the right strategy, you can be a gainer amidst the market turmoil.


The Numbers Look Promising

Since the Coronavirus pandemic is a constantly evolving crisis and staying indoors seems to be the best non-pharmaceutical solution to impede the spread of the highly contagious disease, we tried to take a deeper look at the stats to find out how the pandemic will possibly impact certain affiliate marketing verticals, given the fact that most shoppers are staying indoors and many businesses are forced to shut all around the world.

We already know that affiliate marketing covers a wide array of verticals, and the demand for the brands and products under these verticals would certainly not remain the same in the coming days.

So what sort of products you should promote and sell to maximize your earnings now and possibly in the post-Corona world?

We will go into that, but before that, let’s be clear on what YOU SHOULD NOT DO at the time of this global crisis.


Do Not Exploit The Crisis

While the entire world is in a fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, some marketers are exploiting the situation and buying masks, toiletries, and other basic products for everyday use and selling them on eBay for UNREASONABLE prices.

Not only this is grossly unethical, but this can be counterproductive in the long run too.

Sure you can rake in some quick bucks, but if you are not spending your time and effort on something long-term, you are doing a disservice to yourself first.

If you are looking for a long-term and sustainable affiliate marketing strategy, you should first know which industries are likely to lose traffic in the foreseeable future, and which industries will see a good bump in organic traffic.


Organic Traffic Dropped In Most Industries

Since we gather tons of data day in and day out, and use tools like Ubersuggest to mine traffic stats, we decided to dive into global traffic stats. We didn’t focus on websites with less than five thousand visitors a month, and we focused primarily on the biggest industries.

From an SEO viewpoint, the situation may look gloomy, as organic traffic sharply dropped across most of the industries. However, there are some industries such as finance, pet food, and healthcare, for which traffic skyrocketed.

On the other hand, the rapid spread of the pandemic has become quite a watershed moment for consumer-facing industries such as travel and hotels.

E-commerce is a mixed bag. If you are selling baby products, you are likely to enjoy a good amount of organic traffic, provided you are targeting the right kind of audience. On the contrary, if you are promoting luxury goods such as high-end television sets, you may experience a massive drop in organic traffic.


Which Verticals Should You Choose?

In short, food delivery, medicine and supplements delivery, pet shops, and hypermarkets.

Coronavirus-related social distancing has compelled American and European buyers to shop for their groceries and essentials online, which is going to have an enduring effect on the supermarket and hypermarket industry, and on e-commerce as a whole.

With millions of homebound shoppers looking up the web to find the products they need, it’s an opportune time for businesses that can bring goods to the doorsteps of their buyers.

A big number of people have signed up for restaurant apps and food delivery apps. While it’s currently a double whammy for some of the biggest brands in this industry, as restaurants have been ordered to shut and people have got more time to cook at home, hyperlocal grocery and food delivery sites will see a major surge in organic traffic soon in all likelihood.

Online grocery stores and food delivery companies are experiencing an unprecedented spike in demand. To put this into some perspective, supermarket sales increased more than 99% in the 2020 first quarter, whereas food delivery sales increased by 124% compared to 2019 Q1.

Most remarkably, pet care product and pet food product sales through e-commerce platforms increased by about 492% in 2020 Quarter 1. From the buyer perspective, the biggest advantages of shopping pet products online are convenience, hyper sanitization measures adopted by top pet products sellers, and good value for money.


What Other Verticals Can You Target?

Major e-commerce players like Walmart are running to all-time highs despite the ongoing market turmoil. The defensive consumer’s staple store is raking in huge profits because many Americans are piling up on products for the uncertain future, according to this CNBC report.

Baby and kids’ products are some of the most sought-after products on the biggest e-commerce retail websites right now. The sales for baby and kids’ products grew by about 384% in the 2020 Q1 as parents of many school-aged kids are now buying these products online more than ever before.


What Kind Of Products Is Selling Well?

People are homebound, and they are getting bored as hell. They are focusing more on in-home and indoor activities. In other words, they are buying stuff that they can use at home.

Therefore, the best-selling categories at this moment are Hobby and Do-It-Yourself products (sales increased by more than 326%), books (sales increased by 192%), gardening equipment (sales increased by 198%).

Since most of the people around the world are in the full-on homebound mode, you can certainly grow your passive income by finding and promoting products from the top-selling categories on your website.

On top of it, the big brands are going the extra mile to boost spring sales, and they are giving out cool discounts and offers.


Final Thoughts

On our list of affiliate programs, you can find the biggest brands across verticals as well as hyperlocal and consumer-focused brands that you can promote through your website and earn BIG money.

But most importantly, stay home and stay safe.

We are in this together.

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