How To Use Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Website

How To Use Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Affiliate Website

The best way to monetize your blog or website is to promote a high-converting product or service and to earn commissions on qualified referrals.

If you are choosy about what content you publish on your blog or website and you are even more selective about what content you should share on your social media channels, congratulations! You’re on your way to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Social media websites are the best places to promote your content and to boost affiliate sales. However, you need to know how to make the most of the social networks.

Social media marketing is a vast field and there’s no definitive guide on how to ace it. There’s no single formula and most of the time, you need to rely on a trial-and-error method to devise a robust social media marketing strategy for your affiliate marketing business.

Here, we have discussed how to make the most of the four biggest social networks – Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Head below the fold to know more.


How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic?

If you have adopted a strategy of tweeting with direct backlinks to your affiliate website or direct messaging your followers with links, you need to stop doing that right now!

Nobody likes to engage in a meaningful conversation with a bot, isn’t it?

The rule of thumb for using Twitter for promoting your affiliate website is to create and foster relationships within the community and to engage with people on your followers’ list. People should feel that they are seeing tweets from a real human being. Spammers are hated across all social media networks.

If a tweet comes from a real person who seems to be caring and genuinely eager to help, it would gradually build confidence.

How to build confidence among your followers?

Create two lists – private and public.

The private list is useful for controlling public interest. You can spy on others, see what interests the people on your private list, whom they mostly retweet and reply to, and have an idea of what people on your list are generally interested in.

The public list would enable you to segregate your audience based on relevant and specific segments. When you add a person to your Public list, they will be notified. Public lists are searchable and visible by all.

If you follow the people on your public list, they are likely to follow you in return. You can develop and foster a close relationship with people on your public list and share offers, discount codes, and relevant information.

How to grow your private and public lists on Twitter?

We have a very detailed guide on how to use Twitter to boost your website traffic. Feel free to check it out. Your goal should be to engage. Do not just blatantly try to sell something.


How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic?

Pinterest is a social media platform best suited for people who look for fashion, travel, or decoration ideas. Pinterest banned all forms of affiliate links way back in 2015, but the decision was reversed in 2016.

Now you are allowed to post your affiliate links on Pinterest. However, do not spam and get on your followers’ nerves.

Try to optimize your Pinterest profile first.

Showcase the product you are promoting. Describe what you do and create new theme-based boards. Do not forget to use keywords in the pin titles so they appear on top of search results.

After that, select a product and add it to your board. Edit the pin description and describe the product using relevant keywords. Add your affiliate website link and save the pin.

Share the pin across other social networks to increase the exposure. Do not forget to share loads of inspiring ideas and solutions that your followers might be interested in. Do not just drop affiliate links.

If you do not spam and succeed in optimizing your profile, Pinterest can be one of the many free traffic sources for your affiliate website.


How To Use Instagram To Drive Traffic?

Instagram has started gaining wide currency among affiliate marketers. There was a time when marketers were allowed only to post non-clickable links (meaning their followers had to copy and paste the links on their browsers for visiting the pages). After that, the social media site started allowing users to post only one link.

However, things have changed a lot in recent times. Now you can add as many links as you wish in your Instagram stories to redirect your followers to your affiliate website.

Many publishers and influencers now use this strategy to drive traffic to their blogs and websites.

However, to add links to your Instagram stories, you need a business profile first and 10k or more followers.

If you have a business profile and 10k followers, you can make the most of your Instagram account and drive targeted traffic to your website.


How To Use Facebook To Drive Traffic?

Facebook is a platform where you can easily find your target audience. The biggest advantage of Facebook is that it has an estimated 2.6 billion active users monthly, which makes it the biggest pool of prospective buyers.

However, you need to know how to explore and exploit the right niche to make the most of Facebook.

Say you already have a Facebook profile with a sizeable number of followers. If you have a blog, you can create a fan page. Most of the people following you would also follow your fan page if you advertise it really well.

A Facebook page is the best place to share your ideas, suggestions, and affiliate links with your followers.

As with the other three major networks, do not just focus on sales. Try to provide solutions. Using Facebook analytics, you can easily gauge the popularity of the posts you share.

If a post is relevant to your followers, promote it to reach out to new and potential buyers. You can also use Facebook Ads and boost your traffic.


Final Thoughts

If you can do it correctly, you will gradually find that social media sites are not only about connecting with friends, colleagues, and relatives. These social sites are a giant pool of potential buyers. Do not spam and you will gradually climb up the popularity ladder while driving traffic to your affiliate website alongside.

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