Music Affiliate Programs

Music is a multibillion-dollar industry and a lion’s share of its revenue comes from the record sales. If you are musically inclined and you want to turn your passion into money, there are plenty of music affiliate programs for you to choose from. For an affiliate marketer, the music album sales figures translate into hefty payouts, and you can be a top-earner too by signing up for a music affiliate program.

Music affiliate programs are ideal for virtually anybody who has a taste for music, and you don’t need to be a sound engineer, or music coach, or a performer to promote music products. By joining a music affiliate program, you can surely reap huge profits in the form of commissions. You just need to choose a program which offers hefty payouts and need to promote musical products such as guitar books, musical instruments, and even pay-to-learn video lessons through your website or blog for raking in sizable amounts of money every month.

As the music products market is ruthlessly competitive, we have listed and reviewed the top music affiliate programs so you don’t have to flip through scores of affiliate programs. Read our reviews to gain insights about different payout models, such as CPA, CPC and Revenue Share or visit the websites of the music stores.

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Guitar Center Affiliate


By joining the Guitar Center affiliate program, you can earn money with one of the largest musical

Vertical: Ecommerce, Music
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 6% - 8% per sale