Singorama Affiliate Review

Vertical: Education, Music
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 40% - 70% per sale


If you sign up for the Singorama affiliate program, you would find a lot of resources and tools to assist you in promoting the high=selling learn-to-sing system. The Singorama affiliate program comes with a 70% commission on all instant download products, and 40% on the shipped media course. All courses are sold through Clickbank, which is the affiliate network that provides the tracking technology for the affiliate program.


About Singorama

Singorama is a comprehensive singer’s resource for every level of skill, which is easy to follow. Users can learn everything there is to know about singing for one low price, and then learn at their own pace. By following Singorama’s simple step-by-step exercises and singing techniques for as little as 15 minutes a day, users can condition their voice.

Singorama’s methodology uses advanced techniques that accelerate the development process for learners and highly experienced singers alike. The whole point of this program is to eliminate the thousands of dollars needed for a vocal coach. To know more about the company, watch this video:


Singorama Affiliate Program

The best thing about the Singorama affiliate program is that you don’t just get paid for the initial sale, you get paid commissions on any other Singorama products that they sell on the backend (one-time offer, backend emails, and so forth). There are not many other affiliate programs that come with this kind of lucrative opportunity. The tracking is done by Clickbank for up to 60 days after someone clicks your affiliate link.

To get started, you need to sign up for Singorama’s affiliate mailing list so they can let you know about any important changes or upcoming events that you need to know about.

Commission Rates

40% – 70% per sale


  • 40% commission on the shipped media course
  • 70% commission on all instant download products
Why Join Singorama Affiliate Program?
  • Very high and recurring commissions
  • Accurate tracking with Clickbank
  • 60-day cookie duration
  • Dedicated support

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