Epik Affiliate Review

Vertical: Domain
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% per sale


If you sign up for an Epik account, you are automatically eligible to participate in the Epik affiliate program and you can start earning commissions by telling others about the domain registrar. As an Epik affiliate, you can earn a 20% commission per sale. Additionally, if you can qualify as a Super Affiliate, you will earn an extra 5% commission for qualified revenues.


About Epik

Epik is a leading full-service ICANN-accredited domain name registrar and host. With operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, the company provides 24/7 access to a robust and secure domain name management platform. Founded in 2009, Epik has earned an industry reputation for exceptional service and support. For many customers, Epik is a one-stop-shop for their entire web presence: domain name, hosting, monetization, and web development services. Known as the Swiss Bank of Domains, Epik offers all registrants access to state of the art domain security. The Epik domain marketplace allows cost-efficient and secure buying, selling and leasing of domain names.

Epik Affiliate Program

Setting up an affiliate account is free and easy. Log in to your Epik.com account, click on ‘Account’ on the top menu and select Affiliate Program from the dropdown list. After that, choose your banner category from the dropdown list. Choose your banner size from several banner sizes. Next, click on the ‘Get Code’ button and copy the code shown and paste it into your website where you would like the banner to show. After you have generated $2,500 in qualifying sales, you are eligible to be a super-affiliate whereby you not only earn 20% of qualifying revenue for new customers, but also earn an additional 5% of qualifying revenues for any of your affiliates.

Affiliate commissions are deposited at the time of each transaction into affiliate marketer’s Epik account as usable funds anywhere on Epik. Verified accounts can also be approved for redeeming funds. There is a 5% cashout fee for each method and an additional fee of USD 50 applicable if you opt for wire transfer. You can view the total sales you have made and the total commissions. Also, you can select the date range for the report and change the number of items to display.

Commission Rates

20% per sale

  • 20% of the initial sale for any new customer that you bring to Epik.
  • Super Affiliates can also earn an additional 5% revenue of qualified revenues.
Why Join Epik Affiliate Program?
  • A vast library of creatives
  • Approved super affiliates can also earn up to 5% for the lifetime of the account.
  • Excellent live support
  • Easy and fast sign-up

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