Trumpia Affiliate Review

Models: CPA
Payout: $65 - $2,025 per qualified referral


By signing up for the Trumpia affiliate program, you can earn cash by introducing customers to Trumpia, one of the most complete business text messaging software products on the market. Your responsibility is to simply identify businesses that could benefit from Trumpia software and to introduce them to the brand, so they can close the sale. Depending on the ultimate deal signed, you’ll net between $65 and $2,025 for each successful referral.


About Trumpia

Trumpia was founded in 2006 in a small apartment and has grown into a dynamic company with over 80 passionate employees. The company is now headquartered in Southern California. They work tirelessly to offer the world’s leading automated engagement platform using text messages, emails, and social media. The mission of Trumpia is to help its customers boost revenue, customer engagement, and employee satisfaction. The three pillars of the company are CAP (Community, Attitude, and Professionalism). Here’s a 5-minute demo to help you understand what Trumpia is. Check out the video:



Trumpia Affiliate Program

To get started, fill out Trumpia’s Partner Application Form to be contacted by a member of Trumpia Partner Management Team. Next, get training from one of their affiliate managers. They will provide you with your own affiliate link, walk you through the program, and give you a virtual tour of the software. You can also download the product brief or watch demo videos to have a fair idea. As an affiliate, you need to bring leads to Trumpia, and they will close the deals for you.

You have myriad ways to earn money as a Trumpia affiliate. Write a review about Trumpia’s SMS solution with a link encoded with your affiliate promo code. The link should point to Trumpia’s page. Then promote the review on your blog, website, social media, etc. Alternatively, you can advertise Trumpia’s service by emailing a newsletter to your subscribers. The ad should contain a link to Trumpia encoded with your affiliate promo code. You can always leverage and advertise to your existing network and set up appointments for one-on-one demos with Trumpia affiliate manager.

Commission Rates

$65 – $2,025 per qualified referral

Why Join Trumpia Affiliate Program?
  • Very high commissions
  • Variety of affiliate tools and resources
  • Get trained before you start
  • Live demos
  • 60-day cookie duration

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