Rejoiner Affiliate Review

Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 30% recurring per sale


Rejoiner partners generate thousands of dollars per month by powering growth in eCommerce together with Rejoiner – an email marketing company, in recurring commissions. Since their founding in 2012, Rejoiner’s partnerships with agencies, consultants, and eCommerce platforms have been the source of their most successful client engagements. By signing up for the Rejoiner affiliate program, you can earn a 30% commission every month, for each client that you refer.


About Rejoiner

Rejoiner’s story starts back in early 2011. The co-founders were looking for a solution which would give e-commerce businesses more insight into the cart abandonment problem, would be easy to deploy, cost-effective, and would help them re-engage with customers who had abandoned their carts. Eventually, they built Rejoiner. Since 2012, Rejoiner’s vision has expanded beyond cart abandonment email and today, they work with hundreds of eCommerce companies across all facets of their lifecycle email marketing efforts. Rejoiner is a small, responsive team, with U.S.-based customer service, and philosophy of relentless product improvement. To know more, check out this video from Mike Arsenault, the founder, and CEO of Rejoiner:


Rejoiner Affiliate Program

To become a Rejoiner affiliate, you should first fill out a simple online form to send your application to the Rejoiner team. Once your application is approved, you’ll be given share links and assets to use when referring your clients to Rejoiner. Whenever your client requests a demo or signs up for Rejoiner via your referral link, that click-through will be accounted to you. Check your partner dashboard to track stats, monitor activity and change your payout information.

The typical Rejoiner client pays around $800 per month. That means you would earn $240 per month or 30% for making the referral. Tom Pelisson, the Head of Partnerships at Rejoiner works with affiliates to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

Commission Rates

30% recurring per sale

Why Join Rejoiner Affiliate Program?
  • Create a new stream of passive income, while providing an additional value-added service offering for your agency.
  • Rejoiner will train you to sell their lifecycle marketing methodology and services.
  • Rejoiner will take care of the clients and guarantee they’re successful on the platform.
  • Rejoiner also provides strategic guidance and full-service execution to affiliates
  • As long as your referral pays their bill, you’ll earn a commission for the lifetime of their account.


Frequently Asked Questions

How often are partners paid?

Payouts are processed monthly, on the second business day of the month.

When are commissions approved for payment?

Commissions are approved on the first day of the month but maybe pending for up to 60 days before approval. The pending period accounts for refunds, invoice terms, and other payment issues that can delay the collection of agreed-upon subscription fees.

Are there any restrictions?

Commissions do not apply to personal accounts. Also, Rejoiner reserves the right to ban any partner who attempts to abuse or game the system.

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