Moosend Affiliate Review

Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 30% recurring per sale


By joining the Moosend affiliate program, you can earn 30% lifetime commission on qualified referrals. You will receive a recurring commission for every referred paying the customer for as long as they renew their subscription, for the lifetime of an account. When your referrals upgrade their plan, you earn a commission on their new plan. As they get more out of their upgraded subscription, so do you.


About Moosend

Moosend is marketing automation and email marketing tool that helps brands create and nurture client relationships. From fledgling startups to Fortune 500 companies, thousands of businesses around the globe use Moosend to engage their email subscribers and grow their businesses. Effortless and flawless email design, user-friendly list management, state-of-the-art automation, and reliable analytics, brought to businesses by Moosend. Watch this video to learn more:


Moosend Affiliate Program

A truly customer-oriented company, Moosend is consistent in releasing new features and updates regularly to continually refine the user experience. Recommending Moosend will also boost your reputation and the value you offer your audience. Both customers and affiliates enjoy excellent support from their dedicated teams. As an affiliate, you can grab your promotional materials and start earning. Your right to receive a commission will start as soon as Moosend gets a sale/purchase from clicks they receive from your website. A “sale/purchase” is defined as the purchase of a paid account from Moosend platform (monthly plan or pay as you go plan) and not just the registration as a Platform member nor when the member remains inactive in the Platform. To be eligible for a commission the user has to click first on your link and then purchase.

Commission Rates

30% recurring per sale

Why Join Moosend Affiliate Program?
  • Recurring income – Earn 30% on every month or pay-as-you-go plan that your contacts purchase. As long as your referral remains a paying customer, you get a commission.
  • Reliable tracking system – You get a unique affiliate link which you will use to promote Moosend. Keep track of your referrals while you keep an eye on your conversions.
  • Real-time statistics – Sign into your account and see your affiliate link views, clicks, and your referred sign-ups, along with other useful insights that can help you readapt your pitch.
  • 60-day cookie duration – You get a 60-day cookie to close the sale; if your contact buys their subscription plan within two months of your referral, the commission is yours.
  • Timely payments – As soon as your affiliate account gets approved, you will receive your commissions monthly, in the PayPal address you have linked to your account.

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