Glambot Affiliate Review

Vertical: Makeup
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 10% per sale


If you love talking about makeup and sharing online, you can join the Glambot affiliate program and start making money. Glambot offers a 10% commission on all purchases made using unique affiliate URLs. As an affiliate, you can get complete access to your stats and earnings, plus a wide variety of brilliant banners and creative. The affiliate program is managed in-house and is for all types of sites, except coupon sites.


About Glambot

Glambot is changing the way that the beauty industry works, as people, brands, and vloggers can sell their makeup to Glambot with their 100% confidential process and receive $$ on the spot for their goodies. Glambot then professionally sanitizes everything and packages the goodies for sale on their site. Glambot standards for cleaning makeup are extremely high – they thoroughly clean each piece of makeup along with its packaging with a variety of methods including heat, light therapy, product removal, alcohol, or even a combination of all of these methods. To learn more about the brand, check out this video:


Glambot Affiliate Program

Like in most affiliate programs, each and every Glambot affiliates receives a unique URL to track affiliate sales. Your affiliate ID will log any impressions or purchases that result from click-throughs and will output them in your affiliate dashboard. You will automatically earn 10% of every order that you refer to using your affiliate ID. After logging in, you can view your latest orders and traffic breakdown. All commissions are issued via PayPal and the payment threshold is USD 50. Note that the affiliate program is currently not available to coupon sites.

Commission Rates

10% per sale

Why Join Glambot Affiliate Program?
  • Wide variety of banners and creative
  • Additional rewards on top of the base commission
  • Exclusive sneak peeks and affiliate information

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