Coastal Scents Affiliate Review

Vertical: Makeup
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 7% - 10% per sale


Coastal Scents is the premier source for all sorts of beauty needs. The company offers innovative and stylish, cruelty-free cosmetics, at prices that are affordable to customers of all ages. The Coastal Scents affiliate program offers participants the chance to earn a 7% – 10% commission for promoting the brand and its products. Membership is 100% free and it’s easy to sign up through ShareASale.


About Coastal Scents

Founded in 2005, Coastal Scents emerged on the cosmetics scene, and is now recognized as a premier cosmetics brand. The best quality makeup, with the lowest price and the best customer service is what made Coastal Scents stand out since more than a decade ago. With more than 800 affordable beauty products, Coastal Scents provides a complete selection, from eye shadows, mascara and blushes to concealers, makeup brushes, lipsticks & more. For more info about the brand, check out this video:


Coastal Scents Affiliate Program

The Coastal Scents affiliate program allows affiliates to earn commission by referring customers to As an affiliate, you can simply showcase unique links and banners on your website that direct traffic to the Coastal Scents website. You can join the Coastal Scents affiliate program through ShareASale. Every time a customer clicks on your unique banner or link, and places a qualifying order, you earn a 7% – 10% commission.

Commission Rates

7% – 10% per sale

Why Join Coastal Scents Affiliate Program?
  • A full range of professionally designed web banners
  • Real-time traffic statistics
  • Sales reports and analytics that allow you to track your income
  • Commission earnings and payment history

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