VPNArea Affiliate Review

Vertical: VPN
Models: CPA, Revenue Share
Payout: 50% per sale, 35% per renewal


To become a part of VPNArea affiliate program, all that you require is to have a website and to sign up.

With VPNArea, users simply need to click “Connect” and restrictions will fall like dominoes. The VPN service provider assures that users would no longer be a victim to any irregular restrictions imposed by web sites, streaming platforms, internet supplier or firewalls. They can surf the web privately and prevent their internet provider, employer, university or government from spying on them. Their online activity, real IP address, and location will be hidden by VPNArea and their no logs policy.

Once your application has been approved, you can start advertising and sending customers to VPNArea. Login to VPNArea sophisticated affiliate panel and enjoy well-sorted statistics, tracking tools, notifications settings and a small collection of banners. Hook up with a banner or a text ad and start enjoying a higher conversion rate than you’ve ever seen before. VPNArea also pays special attention to the post-member experience of their customers by providing them with more and more features, infrastructure growth and software development. If you have already joined the VPNArea affiliate program and you have referred your first customer, there’s a high chance you’d earn commissions for renewal too.

Commission Rates
50% per sale, 35% per renewal

* Notes

  • VPNArea manually approves every applicant and usually, it takes up to 2-3 hours to get approved
  • You can be paid via PayPal every month upon request. Once you’ve been an affiliate for 3 months you could begin to receive payouts every 2 weeks
  • If your volume is larger than $1000$ a month, you could request a custom CPA instead of a commission percentage

Why Join VPNArea Affiliate Program?

  • Full monitoring transparency
  • Affiliate tools available
  • Order processing, shipment, billing, support handled by Post Affiliate Pro
  • CPA commissions available for websites with high-volume traffic

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