VirtualShield Affiliate Review

Vertical: VPN
Models: CPA
Payout: $13-$96 per sale



Do you want to promote the world’s easiest VPN service and earn money? If ‘yes’, you can now join VirtualShield affiliate program and earn tons of money by promoting their VPN services. You can earn up to $96 per referral!

Built from the ground up specifically for privacy protection, VirtualShield VPN is compatible with all devices, and allows users to browse the web safely, securely, and anonymously using its global network of servers and private IPs. The company offers plans to protect both families and businesses. Family plans include 15 devices under one plan, while their business plans allow users to add as many employees as they need. To know more about the VirtualShield VPN service, check out this intro video!


To join the VirtualShield affiliate program, all you have to do is fill out a short form, and VirtualShield affiliate team will review your application within 24 hours. You have to promote or advertise VirtualShield on your website and receive a commission for every new referred customer. The company tracks ‘clicks’ with a very reliable system that stores proprietary cookies for 60 days, so you never lose any of the commissions you refer.

Commission Rates

  • VPN (1 Month) – $13 for Individual Plan and $26 for Family Plan
  • VPN (6 Months) – $22 for Individual Plan and $42 for Family Plan
  • VPN (12 Months) – $36 for Individual Plan and $72 for Family Plan
  • VPN (24 Months) – $38 for Individual Plan and $92 for Family Plan
  • VPN (36 Months) – $42 for Individual Plan and $96 for Family Plan
  • IdentiSafe Plus (12 months) – $28 for Individual Plan and $40 for Family Plan

* Notes

  • 60-day cookie duration
  • There are two types of Affiliate programs with VirtualShield: one-time and recurring.
  • For a sale to generate a commission to an Affiliate, the customer must complete the order form and remit full payment for the product. Commissions will only be paid on sales that are made when the customer clicks through qualified, correctly structured Affiliate links. Commissions can be viewed on your Affiliate Dashboard.
  • If the Affiliate is on a one-time payment option, they will receive a commission for each new signup.
    If the Affiliate is on a recurring payment schedule, they will continue to accumulate commissions for each paid transaction by the customer for as long as the customer remains a paying customer. For Affiliates participating in the recurring program, commissions will also accumulate for plan upgrades and adding users.

Why Join VirtualShield Affiliate Program?

  • Accurate Tracking – You will always get paid for who you convert. 60-day tracking no matter what kind of device the customer is using.
  • High Commissions – You can easily earn up to $96 per referral!
  • Trusted Brand – VirtualShield is trusted by customers across the world. This will help you convert and sell more.
  • Dedicated Account Representative – Should you need help, you can get in touch with your account manager, who will help you with any questions or concerns.

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