Verdict Vapors Affiliate Review

Vertical: Vaping
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% per sale


If you want to manage, track, and grow your network and earn commissions for your efforts, you can join the Verdict Vapors affiliate program. The tracking technology for the vaping affiliate program is provided by Refersion. If you have an account with Refersion, you can apply to the program almost immediately and if your application is approved, you can start earning 20% commissions on qualified referrals.


About Verdict Vapors

Verdict Vapors prides itself on being a leader in the innovation and safety of a better alternative to tobacco. The e-juice they offer comes with a Certificate of Conformity (GCC) and it is produced in an FDA registered facility. All flavors are tested by Global Laboratory Services, Inc.

Verdict Vapors flavors were conceived by one of Orange County’s top-rated Wine Sommeliers. His goal was to create flavors that were complex, yet balanced with a long finish. Verdict Vapors only sources the best flavorings in the world. To know more about Verdict Vapors, check out this video:


Verdict Vapors Affiliate Program

Verdict Vapors aims to maximize revenue and efficiencies for businesses of any size. To get started as a Verdict Vapors affiliate partner, you should sign up with the Refersion affiliate network first. If you already have an account with Refersion, you can join the program within a few minutes.

Verdict Vapors lets its affiliate partners build the program they want by choosing their own terms. You can also update the look with a variety of customization options. You can see the results of all of your affiliate activity in easy-to-read reports. Most data are refreshed in real-time.

As a Verdict Vapors affiliate, you can track any digital sale your affiliate refers to, integrate your eCommerce platform, track digital sales from anywhere, watch clicks & conversions in real-time, automate commissions and save time.

Commission Rates

20% per sale

Why Join Verdict Vapors Affiliate Program?
  • Unlimited commission structures
  • Recurring performance reports
  • Automatic approvals for affiliates & orders
  • Personalized affiliate portal
  • Analytics performance dashboard
  • Commission & payment visibility

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