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Vertical: Software
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% - 50% per sale



If you want to join vCita, a business and client management app, in changing what a normal workday feels like for millions of business owners worldwide, you can join the vCita affiliate program to effectively do that. vCita is an all-in-one business management platform that turns the grizzliest daily chores into simple, fun workflows. vCita’s monthly average incremental income for partners is in the ballpark of $1500 and you can potentially earn 20% – 50% commission with their partner program.


About vCita

vCita is a business management and client engagement app, designed to help small businesses grow. Tailored specifically for service providers, vCita redefines the way businesses interact with their clients, driving more opportunities from the web, mobile, email and social while empowering clients to self-serve. Founded in 2010 by Itzik Levy and Eran Utmazgin, vCita started out as an online scheduling platform. Over the years, vCita evolved to become an all-in-one app that includes all the tools a small business needs to manage and grow their business. vCita includes an online CRM to manage all client communications together with online scheduling, online payments, email & SMS campaigns, lead generating website widgets, and everything a small business needs to drive more business and provide great client service. The company is based in Seattle, Washington, and Tel-Aviv, Israel. Watch this video to know more:


vCita Affiliate Program

vCita is a powerhouse of smart, beautiful features, all designed to add value to your offer and set you apart from the pack. Partnering with vCita gives you instant access to a set of digital tools in the market, all tested and proven to deliver superior performance & recurring business. Since 2014, the vCita affiliates have grown in numbers and currently, there are more than 9000 vCita affiliates contributing to the growth of the company. No two partners are alike, and this is why vCita has added more flexibility to their partners’ program. vCita is a tiered product, allowing you to earn more as you offer more. As a partner, you can use their resources and expertise to create your own unique, compelling offers.

Referral Program (Also known as “Reseller”) – In this program, Partner is provided by vCita with manners (such as tractable links and APIs) by which it can refer potential customers to vCita in order to acquire the Service from vCita. The potential customer purchases the Service directly from vCita and pays vCita directly for the Service.

Regular Resale Program (Also known as “Solution Provider”) – In this program, Partner may resell the Service directly to its Registered Customers through the Partner Dashboard, and charge such Registered Customers a fee for the Service. Alternatively, Partner may choose to have vCita sell directly the Service and charge the Registered Customer the applicable vCita fee for the Service. In respect of each Registered Customer, the acquisition of the Service may be in respect of one or more unique users and Partner (or the Active Customer, in case of direct relationship with vCita) may, from time to time, add users to an Active Customer’s account (subject to payment of the applicable additional subscription fees).

With respect to each of its Active Customers, Partner will be provided with a unique username and password for delivery to such Active Customer, which shall enable such Active Customer to access a web-based customer dashboard (the “Customer Dashboard”) and use the Service for as long as the applicable fees with respect to Partner and such Active Customer are duly paid to vCita.

Branded Resale Program (Also known as “White Label”) – This program is identical to the Regular Resale Program, except that Partner is entitled to have the Customer Dashboard branded in Partner’s brand (i.e., look and feel, colors and logo). Partner shall be entitled to have the Customer Dashboard accessed through a non-vCita url provided by Partner (subject to such url being reasonably acceptable to vCita). Partner shall be responsible to provide to vCita with any branding for use in respect of Partner and represents and warrants that any such branding shall be on compliance with any third party rights and applicable law.

Commission Rates

20% – 50% per sale

Resellers (vCita bills the client)

  • Perfect for brand advocates, social media influencers, web designers, web developers & digital solopreneurs.
  • Recommend vCita to your friends /customers / followers.
  • Send them a unique, direct link.
  • Get a one-time 20% commission for each new customer you refer to vCita.

Solution Providers (Affiliate or vCita bills the client/affiliates choose) $588/Year

  • Perfect for marketing agencies and/or digital professionals: online marketers, business coaches & IT consultants.
  • Set up, clone and customize client accounts via a Pro dashboard.
  • Set up, clone and customize client accounts via a Pro dashboard. Free onboarding session and priority support.
  • Get a one-time 50% commission or resell at your own margin

White Label (Affiliate bills the client) $799/Year

  • Perfect for anyone
  • Grow your reach with a product that looks and feels like your own brand – with the power of vCita working behind-the-scenes. Receive premium features for your own vCita account. Includes 1 free subscription for your client (valued $588)
  • All Solution Provider benefits, with full white-label capabilities.
Why Join vCita Affiliate Program?
  • Add new, in-demand services to your offering with a flip of a switch
  • Earn more from every sale with upsells
  • Deliver next-generation workday & marketing solutions to your clients
  • Secure your income with a sustainable, recurring revenue model


Additional Information

vCita can train you in the art of selling SaaS products. Their exclusive resource center helps partners grow from entry-level to top-performing resellers who can quickly recognize opportunities and close new deals. As a qualified partner, you can unlock:

  • Sales Deck – Learn how to make the perfect elevator pitch to upsell your services
  • Setup & Customization Guide – Learn how to easily create, configure and personalize clients’ accounts
  • Visuals and Graphics – Grab banners for your website, blog, social post or sales presentation

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