Unbounce Partner Program Review

Vertical: Software
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% recurring per sale


By joining the Unbounce partner program, you can earn a 20% recurring revenue for every referral.  If you are looking to grow your business and earn extra income (without a whole side hustle), you can earn 20% of the recurring revenue for every new customer you refer to Unbounce. This is a partner program designed by marketers—for marketers. Everyone is welcome to sign up, but these are the qualities that’ll help you earn more moolah.


About Unbounce

Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder that lets webmasters create and publish their own landing pages without needing a developer to code them. It’s an easier and faster way to get more conversions from web traffic. Unbounce started in 2009 when “landing pages” were little more than a buzzword. Rick Perreault, frustrated waiting on developers for every new campaign, set out to create a better experience for marketers.

Rick joined forces with Carter Gilchrist, Oli Gardner, Carl Schmidt, Justin Stacey, and Jason Murphy to bootstrap Unbounce out of a dark, 500-square-foot room in Gastown, Vancouver. Today, Unbounce is the world’s leading landing page platform with a workplace of over 175 people. As one of Canada’s fastest-growing tech companies, with offices in both Vancouver and Berlin, Unbounce has powered over half a billion conversions to date for its customers worldwide. To know more about the landing page builder, watch this video:


Unbounce Partner Program

If you have a blog that attracts marketers or a strong presence on social media, you are all set to join the most successful Unbounce Partners who can tap into different promo channels for more referrals. As a partner, you can show off your industry expertise by referring Unbounce to clients and fellow marketers. You’ll be able to generate new leads and open up a whole new revenue stream for your business.

Spread the word about how you’ve used Unbounce to grow your own business and create high-converting campaigns. Some of Unbounce’s biggest fans have become the most profitable money-makers.

You can sign up as an Unbounce partner for free and you’ll get a unique URL to invite others to try Unbounce. Using this link, your referrals will get an exclusive 20% off their first three months.

Once your referrals pay for their account, you earn a 20% lifetime cut of every transaction for as long as they’re an Unbounce customer.

Commission Rates

20% recurring per sale

Why Join Unbounce Partner Program?
  • Full Support – Unbounce makes sure every partner gets their full support package.
  • A Dedicated Partner Coach – If you have questions about your unique URL, payments, you can get in touch with Anca, an affiliate coach, who is always just an email away.
  • Custom Dashboard – You can track every referral strategy, URL click, and dollar you earn – all in one place.
  • Handy Resources And Training Materials – Put your best foot forward with partner templates, promotion assets, and training materials.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is PartnerStack?

PartnerStack is the platform that is used to run the Unbounce Partner Program. You can use PartnerStack to see who you referred to and how they’re doing in Unbounce.

How do you get paid?

Get paid how you want. Withdraw your referral rewards at the end of the month via PayPal or Stripe, in the currency of your choice. (Exchange rates are subject to conversion from USD via Stripe Connect/PartnerStack).

When do you get paid?

Your referrals will receive the same 14-day free trial as all Unbounce customers. Once they pay for their first month, you start earning. Payments are verified and paid out 60 days after your referral starts a new trial. The referral must still be a paying customer at the 60-day mark in order to earn a reward.

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