Udemy Affiliate Review

Vertical: Education
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified


Udemy is the leading global marketplace for instruction and learning. It is the best platform that connects students from all over the world to the best instructors enabling them to reach their goals and pursue their dreams. Udemy offers 80,000 courses online to help you explore a variety of fresh topics. Learn more about Udemy brand in the video below, the video is about Udemy founder’s story – Eren Bali:


Udemy Affiliate Program
The Udemy affiliate program enables affiliates to promote products that are useful to people. This program allows affiliates to discover thousands of Udemy courses daily to attract new customers. The affiliates will earn commission on every sale. Udemy gives you an opportunity to get access to thousands of courses created by the world’s top experts. You can choose from a wide range of tracking assets including site-wide links, creatives, custom links, course-specific links and more.

The affiliates will need to share Udemy’s content by adding creatives to their website or blog, email newsletters or in social media promotions. The affiliates will earn money for valid purchase made through their tracking links and banners.

Why Join Udemy Affiliate Program?

  • Baseline commission is 15%
  • Access to hundreds of banners, categories and languages
  • Access to merchandising tools that would help you find trending courses in all categories
  • Regular contests to earn more revenue
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • You can promote whichever course you like, and you will be paid a commission for every paid course coming from your affiliate tracking links.

Participating in the Udemy affiliate program is completely free of cost. As mentioned above, the affiliates will earn commission for every paid course purchases referred. Udemy also runs sales contests and promotions, which means there are plenty of opportunities to earn beyond the base rate of Udemy. The affiliates will also have access to affiliate-exclusive coupons, discounts and unique content.

The team at Udemy looks at the various aspects when reviewing your application. Some of the aspects are- consistent traffic, a list of followers, website content, website theme, alignment with the brand, etc. The potential affiliates may also be asked to share additional information apart from the criteria mentioned above.

Udemy brings an opportunity for the affiliates to earn lucrative commissions by promoting thousands of online courses.

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