Thrive Themes Affiliate Review

Vertical: Software
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 35% per sale, 25% recurring per sale of membership


If you are looking to promote a WordPress suite of website tools with high conversions/EPC and you want to recommend products that your customers will love, signing up for the Thrive Themes affiliate program can be the ideal option for you. As a Thrive Themes affiliate partner, you can earn a 35% commission per sale, and also a 25% recurring commission per sale of membership plans.


About Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is one of the most advanced yet simple-to-use WordPress suites of website tools. The company creates truly conversion-optimized plugins and themes to give a real boost to businesses.

Thrive Themes was founded in early 2013 by marketing expert Shane Melaugh and tech fanatic Paul McCarthy.

Since the first version of Thrive Visual Editor was launched (which is now called Thrive Architect), the company has gone through significant improvements. Soon, the first conversion-focused Thrive themes were released and the Thrive Themes team started growing rapidly. In 2016 alone, the company released 3 new plugins.

To know more about the company, check out this video:


Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

Anyone is welcome to apply for the Thrive Themes affiliate program. All you have to do is to accept their terms and conditions and go through an application quiz. The result will then be sent to Thrive Themes affiliate team and they will let you know within 72 hours whether you’re accepted as an affiliate and what the next step is.

You will be credited for any sale that a visitor makes who landed on your affiliate link no matter what product they purchase and no matter which page on the site you sent them to through your link.

Thrive Themes is happy to work with affiliates that have a certain degree of reach by running educational and promotional webinars and by joining them on their podcast. This kind of promotion requires a certain amount of time and resources to prepare and set up so they can only feasibly work with affiliates that have a certain degree of exposure in the marketplace.​ If you want to explore the idea of working together on such a promotion, you can contact their affiliate team.

Commission Rates

​35% per sale, 25% recurring per sale of membership

  • If you send a customer to the Thrive Architect sales page but they end up purchasing a single theme instead, then you will be completely credited for that sale.
  • If you send a visitor to the Thrive Architect sales page and instead of purchasing Thrive Architect, they elect for the full membership, you will be given full credit for that membership sale.
  • If you direct a visitor to Thrive Themes site or blog and they purchase Thrive Architect and then the membership upsell, you will be completely credited for both sales and you will also earn money each time the customer renews their membership for as long as that customer remains.
Why Join Thrive Themes Affiliate Program?
  • A Well-Known Brand – If you like promoting trusted, luxurious and high-quality products, Thrive Themes is an ideal name to partner with as it has been among the best players in this market segment for a number of years now.
  • Affiliate Support – If you got any questions, doubts, suggestions, or just anything to share, Thrive Themes will pay special attention to you with a support system always at your service.
  • Design Materials – Thrive Themes designers create banner ads for all the products and services.
  • Analytics – Keep track of the traffic you send, the sales you make and the commission you’re paid easily. Thrive Themes gives affiliates the statistics.
  • Recurring Commissions – Besides offering a 35% commission per sale, Thrive Themes also pays out commissions on yearly renewals.
  • VIP affiliates – Thrive Themes pays close attention to its affiliates and the best-performing ones are invited to their private Slack channel.
  • Low Payment Threshold – As soon as your commissions reach 20 USD, they will start paying you via PayPal.
  • Affiliate Training – If you are new to affiliate marketing or the Thrive Themes products, or you are just looking for additional ways to promote Thrive themes, their resources will help you with all that.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you purchase through your own Affiliate Link?

No. Thrive Themes strictly forbids the purchasing of their products through your own affiliate link in order to ensure that credit goes to the correct affiliate. They will not pay out commissions to anyone who purchases through their own link. Any abuse or misconduct will result in a permanent ban from the affiliate program.

Where can you see your pending commissions?

Pending commissions are recorded instantly (at the point of purchase) and can be seen by logging into your affiliate dashboard.

What is the Cookie Duration?

Thrive Themes has a cookie duration of 2 years. This means that if you refer a customer today and they purchase Thrive within the next two years, then you’ll be credited for the sale. ​

​This is not to be confused with membership duration.  If you refer a visitor that becomes a Thrive Themes member then you will be credited for every membership renewal for as long as this person remains a member. If the member renews for 5 years then you will receive commissions for every renewal in that period.

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