The Royal Mint Affiliate Review

Vertical: Financial
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified


The Royal Mint is known all over the world for manufacturing high-quality coins. It holds a long tradition of craftsmanship, artistry and heritage. The Royal Mint is known for using innovative state-of-the-art technologies that leads to the exceptional standards of minting. The values, principles and highest-quality products of The Royal Mint makes it the leading manufacturer of coins and medals. The roots of The Royal Mint extends for more than 1000 years and today it is symbolised by a modern logo.

The Royal Mint Affiliate Program
The Royal Mint brings an alluring opportunity for the individuals to partner with them and earn handsome commissions. The affiliates can work with The Royal Mint and earn money through their website, blog or other online platforms. The Royal Mint is the oldest and leading mint in the world. They have embraced new opportunities, technologies and new sales channels such as affiliate platforms.

The Royal Mint Affiliate Program is the simple and easy way of generating additional revenue for all parties involved. The affiliates will be paid alluring commissions depending on the sales they generate. The affiliates will receive competitive commissions and regular special affiliate offers.

The affiliate program of The Royal Mint is managed by Rakuten LinkShare. Rakuten LinkShare is the leading provider of full-service online marketing solutions specializing in Affiliate Marketing Services. The dedicated account manager of The Royal Mint is available round the clock to answer questions/queries of the clients and provide them highest-quality services.

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