SpyOFF Affiliate Review

Vertical: VPN
Models: CPA
Payout: €25 per 50 confirmed installations


If you are keen on making easy money with your website, you can now become part of the success story of SpyOFF. The SpyOFF affiliate program lets affiliates benefit from attractive commissions and the unique VPN product that sets new standards.

SpyOFF is operated by Sareta S.r.l. and based in San Marino. SpyOFF owners have made it to their mission to protect as many people as possible from surveillance, censorship, ISP throttling, and governmental control. Their passion arises from just a few but important words: Privacy and online anonymity is an incontestable human right. To achieve this goal, an internationally distributed team of experts has gathered behind the founders. Deeply convinced that everyone has a right to digital self-determination, the 40-member team works hard every day to achieve SpyOFF’s main goal: offer perfect protection for all its users.

SpyOFF affiliate program is managed by their partner network Friendly Duck. Sign up on the Friendly Duck website to get started. After your application is approved, your participation will be confirmed and you’ll get a personal contact. After successful registration, you will have access to a simple advertising media management platform, where you can find the tracking links, advertising materials, and other information. Get commission for every confirmed booking, which is mediated through SpyOFF advertising media on your site. You can check with your individual account manager directly, see sales promotion measures and earn tons of money in the process.

Commission Rates

You receive a fixed amount for each user that installs the SpyOFF software successfully.
For example, (action-commission of €0.50): 50 installs per day = €25/day = €750/month = €9000/year.

* Notes
31-day cookie duration

Why Join SpyOFF Affiliate Program?

  • Highest commissions for applications for the free trial period
  • High conversions through attractive product and free trial period
  • Individual partner support for maximum sales success
  • One of the best products in its category
  • Transparent tracking, comprehensive reporting, and monthly payments

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