Skrill Affiliate Review

Vertical: Cryptocurrency
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% recurring per sale, 10% of revenue generated by sub-affiliate


By joining the Skrill affiliate program, you can grow your affiliate marketing portfolio and earn handsome commissions. The Skrill affiliate program comes with excellent commission rates and you can add a revenue stream by promoting some of the world’s most popular payment options after joining the program. Skrill’s affiliate program is known as the Paysafe affiliate program. With a 20% lifetime revenue commission, decades of experience in a huge variety of industries, impressive conversion rates and the ability to double your commissions, Paysafe affiliate program can be your ultimate choice.


About Skrill

From online to instore; from merchant acquiring to payment gateways; from alternative payments to omnichannel and secure cross-border e-commerce; from white-label credit solutions to mobile order and delivery platforms, Skrill offers merchants every size and scale an unbeatable one-stop payments solution.

Whether serving a direct merchant, a platform (such as an ISV or Marketplace), or a Partner (such as an ISO or an Agent), Skrill is at the forefront of the integrated payments revolution – where customers enjoy truly liberating and integrated payment solutions that allow them to focus on what matters – growing their business. To know more about the company, check out this video:


Skrill Affiliate Program

Skrill’s mutually beneficial affiliate programs bring you a 20% revenue share and the chance to double your commissions. Combined with Skrill’s expertise in conversions, their dedicated team and a huge bank of resources, Paysafe affiliate team can help you optimize your business.

As a Skrill affiliate partner, you can earn a 20% revenue share when promoting Skrill’s Digital Wallets. Enjoy a 20% share of the revenue they generate from the deposits your referrals make to our merchants. This commission is for a lifetime.

There are three ways to partner with Skrill as an affiliate marketer, and here are your options:

Global Affiliate Program

Skrill Global is an international program, accepting affiliates from all over the world. You can expect to reach brand new customers in both established and emerging markets with Skrill’s competitive product and excellent lifetime revenue commission structure. If you join the Skrill Global affiliate program, you cannot be a part of the Skrill USA program. Skrill’s international program is where they got started, and it remains one of the best expert-led and competitive affiliate programs.

NETELLER Affiliate Program

With global service, NETELLER is one of the world’s leading providers of online payment solutions. NETELLER offers regional and local payment options, VIP and loyalty programs and acceptance at all major bookmakers, casinos and poker rooms in the i-gaming, esports, retail, FOREX, and entertainment industries.

USA Affiliate Program

Structured especially for the US market, Skrill USA accepts affiliate applications from USA residents. The program allows you to target customers specifically in the region but does not allow promotion to non-USA residents. Whether you’re a new business in the US or seeking to expand your market operations, Skrill USA can help you get a maximum return on your investment.

Commission Rates

20% recurring per sale


10% of the commission paid to any Sub-Affiliate in relation to the Paysafe Affiliates Program.

Why Join Skrill Affiliate Program?
  • Competitive Commissions – Skrill commissions structure is straightforward: you refer customers to Skrill, they make deposits to their merchant network, you get a 20% share of the revenue. This is a lifetime 20% revenue share commission – if they keep using Skrill wallets, you keep earning money.
  • Industry Relevance – Skrill Wallets are relevant, topical and a crucial part of major industries like gambling, internet gaming, forex, E-sports, and cryptocurrency. They have one of the biggest merchant networks in the industry and your referrals will have lots of options for online deposits and payments.
  • Double Up – If you are already an affiliate for operators from Skrill’s merchant network, you can maximize ROI on your players by referring them not only to their website of choice but also to Skrill as a payment facilitator. Get paid twice by combining their commissions with yours.
  • Conversions – Paysafe Affiliates have strategies and insights that can help you boost conversions.
  • Resources – Skrill offers web banners, links, guides, articles, promotion pages, and other useful content to get you started and keep you coming back.
  • Dedicated Team – Skrill’s experienced, award-winning affiliate team is ready to advise and help maximize your earnings.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you promote both Skrill and NETELLER?

Yes. Note that to do so, you are required to complete both the Skrill and NETELLER affiliate application forms and you will be given two separate accounts. Therefore, you will also have 2 usernames and passwords for each of the programs.

What are the requirements to become an affiliate?

A website is required to join the program. Your website must attract visitors who can become Skrill or NETELLER customers, that is your audience should find our products relevant and interesting.

In addition, all affiliates must have a verified Skrill or NETELLER account depending on which brand they wish to promote. Please make sure your Skrill or NETELLER account is verified to speed up the application review process.

How long is the cookie duration?

The cookie duration is 30 days.

Can you promote Skrill or NETELLER without a website?

If you’d like to promote Skrill or NETELLER without a website, please get in touch with the Paysafe Ambassador Team for further information.

Can you promote Skrill or NETELLER on more than one website?

For the initial registration, you only need to apply with one site. But once approved, you are able to create separate links and report on individual sites you have. Please get in touch with the Paysafe Ambassador Team if you need assistance.

You have submitted your application – when can you expect a reply?

Generally, applications are reviewed and approved within 48 hours. Paysafe Ambassador Team may need more time to get back to you in some cases and they may reach out to you to clarify your promoting intentions.

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