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Vertical: Software
Payout: Unspecified


SAGE was founded in 1992 with an aim of transforming the promotional products with newer and better technologies at lower prices. SAGE has more than 45,000 distributor users who are spending more than 11 million hours in SAGE and perform over 90 million product searches each year. Combining the most innovative, affordable and effective business solutions, SAGE guides customers to success.

SAGE Affiliate Program


The SAGE affiliate program is a customized program that is designed to provide regional association members special incentives and discounts on SAGE products and services, in change for endorsement and marketing support.

SAGE has created various advertising mediums to help affiliates download SAGE Affiliate program marketing toolkit and share with their audience. The associations are expected to send at least two examples of marketing the SAGE affiliate program to its distributor members per quarter. The affiliates will be provided all the material such as affiliate program logo, web banners, flyers, email and social media images to target their potential customers.

Perks of Joining SAGE’s Affiliate Program

  • Discounts: The biggest perk of joining SAGE’s affiliate program is, handsome discount offers. The affiliates will get alluring discounts on SAGE products and services for their association members.
  • Complimentary Select Services: The affiliates will not be charged for selecting SAGE products and services for their association members.
  • Premier Marketing Support: The affiliate members would be provided premier marketing support and assistance to boost the marketing efforts of their association.
  • e-Flip Technology for Newsletters: Complimentary electronic flip technology for newsletters is an added advantage for the affiliates.

SAGE has partnered with many great industry associations. It is really helpful to businesses in finding the right products for their clients, creating sale presentations, keeping a track of their orders, establishing an impressive web presence, managing client information, creating custom catalogs and flyers and many more things. SAGE gives you the chance to streamline your processes with one easy to use solution.

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