SaferVPN Affiliate Review

Vertical: VPN
Models: CPA, Revenue Share
Payout: $14-$45 per new sale, 30% per renewal


SaferVPN offers one of the best commission rates in the VPN market as of now. By promoting SaferVPN service, you can boost your site’s revenue, with minimal effort required.

With SaferVPN, users can now control and secure their personal data irrespective of where they are. SaferVPN uses the highest encryption level in the industry to secure private data of users from hackers, snoopers and governments. The company ensures that all the online traffic of their users always travels through a secure and encrypted VPN connection. With 34 server locations and counting, SaferVPN allows users to change their IP address and use the web freely. If you want to know a bit more about what SaferVPN is, watch this intro video.


Affiliates who promote SaferVPN enjoy one of the highest commissions in the VPN market. SaferVPN’s flexible commission structures unlock the earning potential of its affiliates while keeping it easy to make reliable earnings every month. Once a customer registers for SaferVPN basic, annual or bi-annual package, and no matter the price, the affiliates earn fixed or percentage-based commissions. Affiliates don’t even need a website (although having your own website helps) to promote SaferVPN packages and they can promote it via search engines (Learn how), by posting in internet forums, tweeting, posting link on Facebook, LinkedIn, recording videos, or by simply emailing to people with an affiliate link to the SaferVPN website.

Commission Rates

  • For monthly plan, you get $14 when a new user signs up, and 30% for every subsequent renewal.
  • For yearly plan, you get $37 when a new user signs up, and 30% for every subsequent renewal.
  • For bi-annual plan, you get $45 when a new user signs up, and 30% for every subsequent renewal.

* Notes
Customized commission plans are also available.

Why Join SaferVPN Affiliate Program?

  • One Of The Best Commissions & High Conversion – SaferVPN offers recurring commissions to its affiliates, while its high conversion rates maximize affiliate site’s earnings.
  • Trusted, High Demand Product – You can easily earn top commission rates by promoting SaferVPN. Its reputation as tech industry leaders makes it easy profit while offering a trusted service.
  • New Marketing Materials Added Every Month – SaferVPN cutting edge design team is dedicated to providing top quality, highly appealing marketing tools to keep your content fresh for maximum conversions.
  • Get the Support You Need to Succeed – SaferVPN offers dedicated assistance from experienced affiliate managers. When you have questions or need the help of any kind, you can get in touch with the support team easily.
  • Special Offers for Top Affiliates – When you succeed, SaferVPN supports your promoting efforts with great offers to increase your earnings.

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