Ross Simons Affiliate Review

Vertical: Fashion, Jewelry
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 4% - 9% per sale


Ross-Simons affiliate program is absolutely free to join, and you need a Commission Junction account to apply for the program. If you have a website that meets the requirements of the jewelry retailer, you can join the force and take part in their online success by applying to Ross and Simons affiliate program. Currently, there are thousands of affiliate member sites that receive a 4% – 9% commission per sale from Ross-Simons.


About Ross-Simons

As America’s favorite jeweler for more than 65 years, Ross-Simons has provided exceptional service and delivered stunning jewelry products to over 4 million satisfied customers. Ross-Simons is the nation’s leading value-priced retailer of fine jewelry, gifts, collectibles, and home decor and tableware, offering prices up to 20-70% below comparable retailers. With 65 years of multi-channel retailing, Ross-Simons is a well-known, respected and reputable source for life’s luxuries. To know more about the brand, check out this video:


Ross-Simons Affiliate Program

Sites geared towards audiences in the United States or Canada sites with customers from a demographic similar to Ross-Simons, shopping sites, reward/loyalty sites, charity sites, and sites that feature professional-looking, non-offensive and non-derogatory content are an ideal fit for the Ross-Simons affiliate program.

By becoming a Ross-Simons Affiliate, you will have the opportunity to link to in a variety of ways — text links, banners, product links, and virtual storefronts are the major link types available to you. You can choose the type and style that works best for your site.

Simply place the links on your site to get started. All of the trackings is taken care of by Ross-Simons, and you have access to full reporting controls 24 hours a day. As a Ross-Simons affiliate, you can potentially earn commissions from 4%-9%, depending on your performance.

Commission Rates

4% – 9% per sale

Why Join Ross-Simons Affiliate Program?
  • Quick payments — $25 minimum commission threshold
  • 30-day return tracking — get credit for purchases from repeat site visitors
  • Simple, easy-to-use tracking and reporting, 24 hours a day
  • Monthly newsletter with highlighted products and links, marketing tips, contest, promotion, and company news
  • An opportunity to partner with a leader in several product categories

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