Retainly Affiliate Review

Vertical: Software
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 20% recurring per sale


If your dream is to help start-ups grow, you can do the exact same with Retainly Marketing Automation. You can join hands with Retainly and help start-ups evolve into better businesses with Retainly affiliate program. The affiliate program is designed for start-up incubators and co-working space providers. You can offer $100 of Retainly Credits to each and every start-up you incubate and rake in 20% commission per qualified sign-up too.


About Retainly

Businesses can convert more leads & retain customers using email, SMS, Push & In-app messaging. For Internet Based Business, SaaS Startups, Publishers and anyone looking for value for money, Retainly offers a one-stop solution. Retainly auto-triggers communications to leads with Drip Campaigns via emails, SMS, In-App Notifications & Push. The drip campaign software can also be used as an auto-responder if business managers set the drip immediately after a contact subscribes. The drip marketing campaign software is very useful for SaaS product companies that need to build a user onboarding time delayed sequence of emails or bloggers that offer a training program over time-delayed emails. Check out this video to know more:



Retainly Affiliate Program

With Retainly affiliate program, you can give more value to the start-ups under your umbrella. You will get $100 of Retainly Credits for each and every start-up you incubate. In addition to that, you will be eligible to get 20% of all recurring revenue that your start-ups spend on Retainly for the lifetime of each account. Every start-up needs to optimize their costs, and especially when it comes to 3rd party tools, your support orients around guidance alone. Now you can offer a special $100 worth of Credits to all the startups you incubate and nurture.

And while you are helping them, with the Retainly’s Affiliate program, you will earn a 20% commission for every start-up that signs up using your unique referral link. All links are tracked automatically and all payouts are also done automatically. You get a real-time view of your revenues as well. Retainly does not have any manual intervention unless otherwise, there is a dispute from your end, which they resolved promptly.

Retainly Technologies LLP uses to power and manage their affiliate program. You need to fill out an online form to create a Paddle account and join the Retainly Technologies LLP affiliate program. If you already have a account, you can simply sign in to your Paddle account, and join the affiliate program. Once approved, you will get a unique referral link that will automatically track all your signups and revenue.

Commission Rates

20% recurring per sale

Why Join Retainly Affiliate Program?
  • Automatic tracking of sign-ups and revenue
  • Earn commissions while offering credits to start-ups
  • Real-time data
  • Generous and recurring commissions


Frequently Asked Questions

What if you are not an Incubator or Co-Working Space Provider? Can you still join Retainly Affiliate Program?

Of course, you can still join the affiliate program. But you will not be entitled to the $100 Credits. You can start earning the 20% referral income.

What if you do not have a PayPal Account?

Retainly can still transfer your earned income via Wire Transfer. Additional transfer charges will be deducted from your income.

What platform is used to manage the Affiliate Program?

Retainly’s Affiliate Program is supported and managed by Paddle.

How frequently revenues are transferred?

Retainly usually transfers all affiliate incomes on 25th of every month provided they have a minimum $100 income credits. Incomes can also be transferred upon your request if you earn larger amounts more frequently.

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