R2Games Affiliate Review

Vertical: Gaming
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 30% per sale


R2 Game Co. Limited (R2Games) is an international distributor of online games and mobile games. Headquartered in Shenzhen’s Nanshan Science and Technology Park, we also have offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and the US, attracting young and passionate employees from all over the world. Since its establishment, R2Games’ strength has been its international background, cultural adaptability and mission statement of spreading happiness, determined to make its mark as a global leader in video games.

Program Highlights

  • Exciting Games
    We have games of all types and for all audiences: action, RPGs, shooters, strategy, casual, and much more. Choose the ones which best fit your website!
  • Unlimited Potential
    With the R2Games Affiliate revenue share system, if a player keeps paying, you keep earning! Months down the road and they’re still playing? You’re STILL earning!
  • Constant Support
    From integrating your website to resolving payment issues, we have multiple Affiliate Managers (who speak multiple languages) on hand to help.
  • Direct Partnership
    Most Affiliate Programs are managed by Ads Agencies who will take commissions from the profits you get. By working directly with R2Games, you can maximize your commission fees as well as enjoy personalized support from R2Games.

Can I get paid for clicks and/or impressions?
Currently, the R2Games Affiliate Program only offer revenue share commission plans, where we pay you for qualified sales generated as a result of your promotion.

How much can I earn?
The starting commission rate for new affiliates is 30%. Different factors may allow us to offer a higher rate, including website traffic and total sales. We also have special offers for our long-term partners, so feel free to contact us and learn more!

How do you handle refunds?
Customer refunds will have an impact on your affiliate commissions. If any of your sales are refunded at the customer’s request, you will then have your commission for that sale removed from your balance. Please note that if you have already received payment for the refunded sale, then your account balance will turn to negative until you make more commissions to cover that loss.

Does the R2Games Affiliate Program work in other regions/languages?
Yes! In addition to English, we also have multiple games in French, German, and Arabic with localized banners and landing pages. We are also working on Spanish and Turkish games.

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