Quicken Loans Affiliate Review

Vertical: Financial, Loans
Models: CPL
Payout: $5 - $15 per qualified lead


With the help of the Quicken Loans affiliate program, you can track how well your ads are working and how much revenue you are making. Quicken Loans also helps their affiliate partners to maximize their revenue opportunities. As a Quicken Loans affiliate, you can earn $5 – $15 per qualified lead. The program is managed in-house and you need a relevant website or blog to get approved for the program.


About Quick Loans

Quicken Loans Inc. is a Michigan-based corporation that offers residential mortgage loans, jumbo loans, and refinancing options. Individuals can check their loan status 24/7. Quicken Loans also gives its customers online tools to keep track of what is needed for getting approved for mortgage loans and home loans, and what sort of options they have. They offer a fast, online application process, let loan applicants set their own time and place for closing, and give them the ability to manage their mortgage loans from their phones. To know more about the company, watch this video:



Quicken Loans Affiliate Program

If you would like to become a Quicken Loans affiliate, you should first read their Affiliate Agreement and then email them your website information. Quicken Loans’ affiliate team will contact you to let you know if you’ve been approved as an Affiliate. They will then provide you with information on how to get started.

Once you have joined the Quicken Loans affiliate program, you can have access to a library of quality banners and text links that will suit many website layouts. They also supply everything needed to add those banners and text links to webpages. On top of the actual ads, Quicken Loans also provides other useful content such as mortgage calculators and mortgage rate tables.

Commission Rates

$5-$15 per qualified lead

Why Join quicken Loans Affiliate Program?
  • Huge library of quality banners and text links
  • Easy-to-integrate widgets such as mortgage calculators and mortgage rate tables
  • Generous commissions per qualified lead
  • Easy and free to join

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    lordvalour Submission Aug 28, 2023

    Affiliate marketing

    The success of affiliate marketing depends on your niche and the product. Whether or not the product matches to your niche.

    In the first three years from 2009 when I started content marketing without a budget for advertising my content, it was nothing. No sales. But until the last two years, I started selling little by little, and until now, I can make sales without advertising. But from the content marketing that I have been doing since 2009.

    Just a suggestion, if you want to sell something, or joining any affiliate marketing, you need a good and a lot of content that can win the competition in a niche.

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