Perform Better Affiliate Review

Vertical: Fitness
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 10% per sale


If you have a live, online presence like a website, blog, or social media page like Facebook, you can join the Perform Better affiliate program right away. Perform Better affiliate program comes with a 60-day cookie window and all the essentials to help fitness bloggers and influencers succeed with their marketing efforts. As a Perform Better affiliate, you can earn a flat 10% commission on all sales. You must be a US citizen to join the program through CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction)


About Perform Better

Knowledgeable staff, great products, and service, an expert group of advisors – that’s what helps Perform Better stand out in the fitness industry. Speed, strength, agility, power, stability, and conditioning are vital components to success in any athletic competition. With this in mind, Perform Better has carefully selected each fitness equipment product in its catalog for its ability to help improve sports performance or rehabilitation. Whether somebody is trying to make their athletes stronger, faster or more explosive, they can trust Perform Better expert staff to suggest the right fitness products to meet their needs. For more information about the brand, check out this video:


Perform Better Affiliate Program

By simply linking your website to Perform Better official website, you can earn a 10% commission on any sale that is made online within 60 days of the customer’s initial visit. It is easy to link to the site after becoming a partner, as Perform Better will provide you with both text link and banner link options for your website. You can choose where you would like to place these links on your website. There are no program or setup fees involved. The technology for the program is provided by CJ Affiliate (the #1 affiliate marketing company) to equip affiliate partners with the best opportunities in their affiliate marketing efforts.

As a bare minimum, you need a live, online presence like a website, blog, or social media page like Facebook. Websites that do NOT attract visitors who may be interested in Perform Better products are not accepted. Generally, to be accepted, your website must be fitness, sports, rehab or health-related (with the exception of personal social media sites). Note that you must be based in the USA to join the affiliate program.

Commission Rates

10% per sale

Why Join Perform Better Affiliate Program?
  • Dedicated, responsive Affiliate Program Manager – Get answers to your questions within one business day.
  • Reliable tracking and online reporting – You get access to a powerful online dashboard.
  • Monthly payments – Commissions are paid on a monthly basis when you’ve accumulated $100 in commissions. Sale commissions are credited to your account 30 days after the order to eliminate potential payment processing and returned item issues.
  • Professional banners – Varying sizes of eye-catching banners.
  • Up-to-date product catalog – Link directly to specific products (with high-quality product images).
  • Notifications – Receive email notifications of promotions, sales, and other helpful information.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does tracking work?

The code provided for your banners or links will generate a “cookie” for anyone clicking on one of Perform Better Affiliate links. This tracks any purchases they make on for 60 days (assuming the customer does not delete their cookies) and attributes them to your affiliate account.

How do commissions work?

An affiliate account is credited with 10% of the order subtotal amount (not including tax or shipping, with discounts subtracted). Commissions are calculated between the 10th and 13th of each month and checks are mailed out on or around the 20th. Each sale has a grace period of 30 days before it is eligible for a commission (this covers returns or canceled orders). Also, your account must have accrued at least $100 in commissions before a check is sent.

Can you use affiliate links in email marketing?

Yes, you are allowed to use affiliate banners and text links in emails.

Can you promote via search engine marketing?

Yes, you are allowed to promote Perform Better products in search engine marketing (both natural, organic search, and paid search). However, you are NOT allowed to use brand-related keywords such as “perform better” or “m-f athletic”.

Does Perform Better accept affiliates from outside the US?

No, Perform Better DOES NOT accept affiliates who are based outside the US.

Does Perform Better send out 1099’s?

Yes. In compliance with tax laws, a Form 1099 is issued to affiliates whose earnings meet or exceed the applicable amount warranting the Form 1099. You will be required to provide them with tax information within two (2) days of any request issued by them to issue a Form 1099. However, affiliates are responsible for the payment of all taxes related to the commissions they earn under this Agreement.

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