Perfect Privacy Affiliate Review

Vertical: VPN
Models: CPA
Payout: Up to €65.50 per sale


As an affiliate marketer, you can earn handsome amounts of money by joining Perfect Privacy affiliate program and tell your visitors about the benefits of the VPN service honestly and objectively. Perfect Privacy offers affiliate partnership to experienced website operators whose topics are focused on “Privacy”, “IT Security” and “Anonymity”, and also to operators of sincere VPN review sites and blogs. You will be able to participate in Perfect Privacy VPN affiliate program after your website is verified.

Perfect Privacy offers premium VPN services since 2008 and is known as one of the most reliable and discrete providers. Outside the mass market, Perfect Privacy users benefit from a variety of features that improves their security, privacy, and anonymity. Functionality like cascaded VPN connections through up to four servers, SSH-Tunnel, individual port forwarding, and an advanced and feature-rich Windows client, Perfect Privacy sets itself apart from the competition. Perfect Privacy users are generally satisfied with the VPN service.

To get started, email the VPN service provider a short summary of your concept and planned marketing activities, the name of the participating domains and figures about the traffic to be expected. Websites in association to violence, pornography, illegal activities, politics or spam can’t participate.

Commission Rates
Up to €65.50 on new sales and/or renewals

* Notes

  • Recurring commissions
  • Campaign management software used: Post Affiliate Pro
  • Direct Linking or Parameter Tracking
  • Pay-per-Sale
  • Up to 65.50€ commission for the initial sign-up (24 months)

Why Join Perfect Privacy Affiliate Program?

  • Trusted VPN service provider
  • Free access to Perfect Privacy VPN infrastructure so you can verify the quality of services yourself
  • 60-day cookie duration

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