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Vertical: Ecommerce, Gaming
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified


Are you a passionate PC gamer with a social media account, Twitch, TV channel, YouTube channel, or have a new website with PC gaming related content? If you want to earn some cash by partnering up with one of the best custom PC system builders in the world, ORIGIN PC affiliate program might be the perfect choice for you. ORIGIN PC determines a percentage of commission to all affiliates on a case by case basis. They’ll inform you of your commission structure once your form has been processed approved. If you agree, you can officially join the Affiliates Program.



ORIGIN PC delivers the best gaming experience period. Any company can build a PC, but few can build a custom gaming PC worthy of playing the latest games. Many claim to offer gaming PCs, but they don’t deliver a complete gaming experience. A real gaming PC must be focused on Customization, Service, Gaming, and Technology. This is ORIGIN PC’s specialty. Here’s how ORIGIN PC’s next-gen gaming desktops look like. Check this video out:


ORIGIN PC Affiliate Program

With your unique URL link provided by ORIGIN PC, you can easily track and earn commission on any ORIGIN PC system or Gearshop order referred by your channel or website. All commissions are determined by ORIGIN PC and will be offered to you once your application has been approved by the ORIGIN PC staff. You can also become an ORIGIN PC affiliate champion just like SWIFTY, Bajheera, HOTTED, and LevelCapGaming and help advertise ORIGIN PC. It can be as simple as displaying a URL link. ORIGIN PC will even provide you with a unique Affiliate URL link so you can share with all of your Social Channels.

Signing up for the ORIGIN PC affiliate program is easy. Just fill out the application form on their website and ORIGIN PC will let you know if you’ve been officially approved within 24-72 business hours. Once approved, ORIGIN PC will contact you to provide you with further details and a unique Affiliate Account so you can log in to get ORIGIN PC marketing assets and monitor your clicks and sales. For sponsorship requests, you need to email a detailed proposal to [email protected].

Commission Rates


When an Affiliate ORIGINates a sale of an ORIGIN PC system or an ORIGIN PC Branded Item on Gearshop, the affiliate shall receive a commission on the net sales price. Net sales price is exclusive (not including) of:

  • Any/all shipping costs including tariffs and duties if it is an international order
  • Any/all taxes (VAT, sales tax), regardless of who pays the tax
  • Merchant Fees (3% if paid by Credit Card, 4% if paid by PayPal) (Merchant fees may be subject to change)
  • Any Promotions and other discounts not actually paid by the customer
  • All packaging costs
  • Any/all warranties

The resulting amount will then be multiplied by the commission percentage awarded by ORIGIN PC for each product to the affiliate to produce the commission due.


  • All Commissions to the Affiliate will be paid on a Quarterly basis via a check to the U.S. address provided and is awarded 30 days after the product has been officially shipped to the customer.
  • No commissions are counted unless the customer clicks on the Affiliates Unique URL Link provided by ORIGIN PC and ultimately converts into an actual sale at www.ORIGINPC.com before 30 days after clicking the Unique Affiliates URL Link.
  • No Commissions are awarded on any canceled, non-paid, non-shipped, or refunded orders.
    At any time, ORIGIN PC has the right to cancel or stop any or all commissions if any fraudulent transactions are occurring.
Why Join ORIGIN PC Affiliate Program?
  • One of the best custom PC system builders in the world
  • Commission rates are determined on a case-by-case basis, which means top influencers get competitively higher commissions
  • Chance to become an ORIGIN PC affiliate champion and an advertiser
  • Detailed report and summary of all sales performed


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to know if you are an official Affiliate of ORIGIN PC?
Normally it takes anywhere between 24 – 72 Business Days to process your application. ORIGIN PC cannot guarantee that everyone who applies will become an official affiliate.

How much commission will you get paid if you are an official ORIGIN PC Affiliate?
ORIGIN PC determines a % commission to all affiliates on a case by case basis.

Will you get a FREE ORIGIN PC System if you become an ORIGIN PC Affiliate?
No. Affiliates are only meant to receive a commission as their reward for promoting ORIGIN PC. If you’re seeking a specific ORIGIN PC Sponsorship, you must email a detailed proposal to [email protected].

When do you get paid your commission?
Due to the complications of ordering Custom PCs, ORIGIN PC awards all affiliate commissions on a quarterly basis and is only counted 30 days after a product has shipped from their facility.

Will ORIGIN PC provide you with what you need in order to promote them?
Yes. ORIGIN PC will provide you with a special URL Link to track all of your sales.

You live outside of the U.S., can you still apply to become an ORIGIN PC affiliate?
At this time, they’re only accepting U.S. affiliates only.

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