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Vertical: Software
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified


If you want to join a rapidly growing company with an amazing product, partner program is an ideal choice for you. By joining the affiliate program, you can bring a better way of working to your clients while earning money doing it. As an affiliate, you will earn a generous commission for all the plans your client purchases. If they add more users or upgrade their plan, you’ll be compensated for that as well.



Founded in 2012 and launched as an independent startup in February 2014, is a tool that transforms the way teams work together. The goal of the company is to create a tool that people will love to use—one that’s fast, beautiful, responsive, and makes their life easier. is the go-to workplace tool for more than 70,000 teams around the world. Check out this video to know more: Affiliate Program

After signing up for the affiliate program (and once you are approved), you can add a new revenue channel to your business by helping your clients implement and use (For larger enterprises, these professional services can add up to hundreds of hours). affiliates add value not just to their own software and partners’ portfolios but also add value to their clients. You can help your clients solve their day-to-day problems with collaboration, management, communication, and other organizational tasks- all with using

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Why Join Affiliate Program?
  • Free to register – Partners’ Program is free to join. Just contact us and we’ll start our journey together.
  • Marketing materials – You will be provided with’s best marketing materials (videos, banners, and more.)
  • Sales materials – You will get access to sales materials including sales presentations, live demos, and recorded calls and show you the best ways to leverage them.
  • Dedicated success manager – You will have your own dedicated success manager to provide any information and support you’ll need.
  • Assistance during first sales – If you’d like, success manager would join your first calls, demos, and conversations and coach you on our best practices. They can also just be there for technical questions.

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