Metromile Affiliate Review

Vertical: Insurance
Models: CPL
Payout: $10-$20 per lead


Partner with the Metromile Affiliate Program and you’ll be working with a revolutionary car insurance company that offers significant savings for low-mileage drivers, which happens to be 65% of the US.

Metromile is the leading pay-per-mile car insurance company in the U.S. which is disrupting a $250 billion auto insurance category by offering an entirely new type of insurance that charges customers based on the miles they drive. Metromile believes in paying for what the customers use is fairer and more affordable. With pay-per-mile car insurance, low-mileage drivers see huge savings. The company also believes in the power of data science and machine learning to make car insurance better and less complicated. This video explains how Metromile helps in slashing down car insurance costs, Check this out:


Metromile offers $10 starting commission on all valid new quotes, and the payout increases with scale. Pixel fires on the “rates” page during the quote process, before the customer enters in any payment information. The Metromile affiliate program is currently available in 7 states – California, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Illinois (approximately 30% of U.S. drivers), with rapid expansion expected. As an affiliate, you will receive exclusive monthly newsletters with content ideas and Metromile updates to help you in your marketing efforts. Metromile provides affiliates with custom links and banners that they can post on their websites. You must first become a member of the Impact Radius Network, which is a third-party program administrator.

Commission Rates
$10-$20 per lead

  • If the number of monthly actions reaches 11, the payout rate will be USD15.00 for subsequent actions.
  • If the number of monthly actions reaches 100, the payout rate will be USD20.00 for subsequent actions.

45-day cookie duration

Why Join Metromile Affiliate Program?

  • A rapidly expanding company having a presence in seven major US states
  • Incremental payouts based on performance
  • Custom links and banners available

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