MacGameStore Affiliate Review

Vertical: Gaming
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 5% per sale


MacGameStore was formally launched in April 2005 and since then has grown into the leading Mac-only distributor of digital download games with over one million Mac games sold. Their goal is to provide the best shopping experience that Mac gamers deserve with hot new selections every day, excellent customer service, daily specials, great bundles, and useful information to make purchasing decisions easier.

They are authorized retailers of computer games from hundreds of different publishers and serve most of the countries in the world.

Program Benefits
Join the affiliate program and start earning commissions today! They offer thousands of quality Mac and Windows games that are available for instant purchase and download using their proprietary and intuitive client software (Mac OS X only), listed below are some of the benefits they offer:

  • 5% commission on qualified sales
  • 7 days return policy
  • Average sale is $20
  • Cookie and action referral tracking period is 30 days
  • Bot filtered actionable
  • Expansive product catalog and you can link to anything on the store

Program Terms

  • Accounts must remain in good standing for Program continuation
  • Commissions require a valid linked PayPal PayerID for PayPal Payouts
  • Commissions are non-transferable once issued
  • Program rates offered may change over time with ample prior notice
  • No warranties or guarantees expressed or implied on Program tracking capabilities

Commissions are granted upon the successful conversion of an external visitor, to a Shopper, to a Buyer. Commissions are based on the total sale by the Buyer for a transaction that falls within the allowed returns days window. Buyer returns, or fraud will result in Commission debits on next payment cycles if Commissions for affected purchases had already been paid out to the Account.

All Programs will have a recurring commission payment date. Periods will recur until Program termination by either the Account or the Administration. Missing commission payment details on the account will delay commission payments until those payment details are supplied and fulfilled. Delayed commission payments will be put in holding until at such time payment details are supplied. Any delayed commission payments will be pushed to the next payment cycle after conditions have been fulfilled.

How Does it Work?

All referral links going to destinations will be tracked for commissions and listed within their Affiliate Tools (accessible under either domain). So if you wish to send visitors to something on either store, you will be credited for any sales that visitor ultimately make, within the given parameters of the Affiliate program.

The Program will begin when the Store accepts your verified Sign Up details. At that time, you are given access to the Program Services website to be utilized using the login credentials you supplied during initial sign up.

The Tracking Period begins on Program start, however tracking does not fully begin until a first referral linked url is posted on an external website, with the first visitor click-through. Tracking will continue to persist for the length of the Program. Outages in the tracking system can occur during system maintenance periods, or unplanned downtimes. Tracking data is not guaranteed.

With the first visitor click-through, tracking period begins on program start, however tracking does not fully begin until a first referral linked url is posted on an external website. Tracking will continue to persist for the length of the Program. During system maintenance disconnection in the tracking system can occur, during that time tracking data is not guaranteed.

Additional Marketing tool: Dynamic Feeds & Linking

MacGameStore affiliate program offer JSON Feeds for products, which can help your developers automate linking the products for their store.

  • Full Product Catalogue Feed (customizable)
  • Active Showcases Feed
  • Active Bundles Feed
  • Link to anywhere on the Stores with ease!

Tools are not open to the public. Valid and approved Affiliate program required to setup and access information.

Program Restrictions

MacGameStore affiliates have the right to terminate the Program at anytime. Account initiated Termination is voluntary at the sole discretion of the Account holder. Upon Program termination, any and all access to Program Services will be revoked. If the Program is currently holding Commissions for payment, a final payment will be issued during the next payment cycle.

INSIDE MAC GAMES may terminate or suspend any and all Programs, without prior notice or liability, if Account holder breaches any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement, the EULA, or Account TOS. Upon termination of Program, rights to Commissions will immediately cease. All provisions of this Agreement which by their nature should survive termination shall survive termination, including, without limitation, ownership provisions, warranty disclaimers, and limitations of liability.

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