Kinguin Mafia Review

Vertical: Gaming
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 0.25% - 5% per sale



Kinguin Mafia affiliate program is an easy way for making money by sharing a referral link to their website where the referrer receives compensation for each money transaction made through the link.

Kinguin Mafia gives the opportunity for trading video games at fair prices using an innovative easy to use platform. Customers can avail of their optional program with 30 day money back guarantee and the support team is available through live chat.
All video games fans in the world can join the affiliate program and earn money by spreading awareness about Kinguin.

Kingin Mafia Program for Affiliates – How it works

On joining the affiliate program, affiliates get a variety of banners and text links which they can place on their website, social media pages and forums.

  • They provide the affiliate with a reflink, which can be posted on forums, social media, blogs, chats and other places.
  • When someone clicks on it they will be directed to
  • Once they place an order the affiliate gets a commission.
  • Every time a customer place an order the affiliate will also get a commission.

Commission Structure

Kinguin Mafia Affiliate Program has 3 levels of commission:

  • 5% Commission on Level-I
    Each time someone joins and buys directly from your reflink you get 5% commission.
  • 0.75% Commission on Level-II
    Every time a new person joins from your reflink to Kinguin Mafia you get a 0.75% from every transaction that is done from his reflinks.
  • 0.25% Commission on Level-III
    When someone registers from this new persons reflink you get a 0.25% commision from his transaction.

Kinguin Mafia Pro Offer – Only for Influencers

Monetizing your YouTube, Twitch, Facebook or Twitter following is easy with Kinguin Mafia. Use your reflink and invite your audience to join the Kinguin family to get an assured 10% commission.

Influencers Program Benefits

  • Get your reflink by signing up for Kinguin Mafia
  • Invite your followers to Kinguin by sharing it
  • Each time they make a purchase get a 10% commission
  • Get higher commission rates and personalized terms of cooperation. Get a 10% offer instead of the standard 5%
  • Spread the news about the latest video games provided to you by Kinguin
  • Get started easily.
  • Learn how to increase your earnings with your own Partnership Manager
  • Give benefits to your followers in contest with game CD keys, vouchers and discounts to boost engagement
  • Use unique banners created by their design team to advertise your reflink effectively

Kinguin Mafia Skins affiliate program

Kinguin Mafia – Skins – is a free program for people who run CS:GO communities and want to use the internet to make money.

Joining Kinguin Mafia Skins

  • A simple application form is required to be filled in
  • Await verification of your affiliate membership
  • You will hear back from them in three working days.

Earning on CS:GO Skins

Consider that someone buys a Premium Random AWP Skin using your reflink.
You will get 15% discount on €24, the cost of the skin, which is €3.60.
The Legendary Eagle Master Knife Skin costs around €110. If someone purchases it from your reflink you can get up to €16.50.
If you sell many different skins, you will earn more!

Top Kinguin Mafia – Skins affiliates get a CS:GO Case with their name on it!

CS:GO Case may be added to with your own customized name
You will be provided with all the tools required to promote it everywhere.
You will become a part of the world’s fastest growing marketplace for video games and CS:GO items.
Design and stock will be provided to you.

Breach of terms and conditions

If Kinguin suspects or has reasonable proof that the Affiliate is engaging in illegal activities or has been in breach of these Terms and Conditions, Kinguin may immediately suspend or terminate this Agreement.

The Agreement may be terminated by either party upon giving the other party a one month termination notice.

For more info about Kinguin affiliate program terms visit Kinguin Mafia affiliate program terms & conditions.

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