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Vertical: Education
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: Unspecified


When you join the Kaplan affiliate program, you enter a valuable collaboration by exploring any opportunity where combining Kaplan’s expertise can be beneficial.

Kaplan believes in the power of language education to build connections, forge opportunities and enrich lives. The company offers fully immersive courses in spectacular English-speaking locations across the world. Kaplan students learn not just in the classroom, but out in the world through exploration and adventure. Our immersive courses plunge you into the living language. Learn through dynamic tuition, unique study materials, and fun excursions in a fascinating English-speaking culture. Check out this video to know what students across the world think about Kaplan.



Kaplan has an international reputation for partnering with affiliating businesses to jointly improve its services and cross-promote products. When your customer is looking for a proven language provider and you need a valuable partner, Kaplan’s professional support and services are there to help you. After you fill up the Kaplan affiliate program application form, a Kaplan education advisor will respond to you as soon as possible, usually within 48 hours.

Commission Rates

If you need supporting information for publicity purposes, Kaplan can create bespoke content and press releases for you.

Why Join Kaplan Affiliate Program?

  • Bespoke Programs – If you need English for a particular job or industry, Kaplan can create tailor-made courses or offer specific purposes programs.
  • Co-Branding – As an Affiliate Partner, you will get access to marketing materials with Kaplan branding so you can promote your services in association with the brand and increase visibility.
  • Preferred Rates – Take advantage of special rates that are exclusive to Kaplan Affiliate Partners.
  • Professional Support – Close support and open communication is the key to working together with Partners, so Kaplan is always on hand to assist with any queries or requests that you have.

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