Jane Affiliate Review

Vertical: Fashion
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 10% - 11% per sale


If you’re already sharing your favorite Jane deals with family and friends, Jane affiliate program might be exactly what you need to grow your passive income. To get started, you need to just complete an online application form and wait for Jane to contact you. Jane’s affiliate program is a Pinnacle Award-winning affiliate program that comes with a 10% – 11% commission on qualified sales.


About Jane

Jane.com is a very beautiful boutique marketplace featuring the latest in women’s fashion trends, home decor, and children’s clothing. Providing the most high-end products, from the most trusted companies to the most loyal customers, is the objective of Jane.com. With a highly structured selling platform and multiple integrations, Jane.com provides both online sellers and brick and mortar shops the perfect marketplace to showcase their boutique and creates an attentive audience for new innovative products. Watch the full Jane.com story in this video:


Jane Affiliate Program

A finalist of the Pinnacle Award in the ‘Affiliate Manager of the Year’ category in 2017, Jane affiliate program won the 2018 Pinnacle Award for Exceptional Merchant of the Year. Our affiliates have access to a library of quality banners and links. Tag us in your post or display one of our many banners on your page, whatever floats your boat. As an affiliate, you get paid every time a customer makes a purchase. Jane utilizes ShareASale for tracking and paying out commissions on sales affiliates generate with their ShareASale tracking links.

Commission Rates

10% – 11% per sale

  • 11% commission per new customer
  • 10% customer per repeat purchase by existing customer
Why Join Jane Affiliate Program?
  • Quality Ad Banners – Because Jane buys its own advertising space, they test their ads constantly. As a result, affiliates get high converting ads.
  • 1,000+ Products Daily – Over 100 new deals go live every night. You can use their data feed and keep your site looking fresh and fun every day.
  • Deep Links – Jane.com offers 100’s of deals, but you can always use the deep linking tools to help your customers find specific deals.
  • Proactive Affiliate Manager – Maryellen Garasky, the affiliate manager, is highly knowledgeable about affiliate marketing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does your site qualify for the affiliate program?

All sites are welcome to apply for the Jane affiliate program. However, preference is given to affiliates who regularly produce new content, and Jane is less likely to accept affiliates who only use social media and have a small audience. Any site involved in promoting an illegal or illicit activity or content does not qualify.

Can you join the program if your site is not based in the United States?

Yes. However, all commissions will be paid in U.S. dollars.

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