Hotspot Shield Affiliate Review

Vertical: VPN
Models: Revenue Share
Payout: 50% per sale


By signing up for the Hotspot Shield affiliate program, you can get rewarded for each of your qualified referrals. Once you get onboard, you can start earning up to $50 for every new sale you refer.

Hotspot Shield VPN is the virtual private network Windows users trust to access their favorite websites as much as they want, while securing their data transactions for anonymous browsing, streaming, and downloading. Users can set up Hotspot Shield Premium and get unlimited data and server changes so they can have their favorite content anywhere they go. Setting up the Hotspot Shield VPN is simple and effortless. Watch this intro video to know how Hotspot VPN does the job for its users.


To earn through the Hotspot affiliate program, you just have to sign up to the program, promote Hotspot Shield and get paid a 50% commission for every new sale you refer. Getting your first commission with Hotspot Shield is simple- create an Affiliate account, start promoting with your tracking link, the visitor clicks banner, purchases any of the plans and then gets paid! There is no cap on what you can earn. The more customers you send, the more you earn.

Commission Rates

50% commission on new sales.

  • If you sell the one-month plan, 50% of sale price $12.99 is guaranteed.
  • If you sell the six-month plan, 50% of sale price $53.94 is guaranteed.
  • If you sell the one-year plan, 50% of sale price $71.88 is guaranteed.
  • If you sell the three-year plan, 50% of sale price $125.64 is guaranteed.

* Notes
Custom tracking tools, website banners & badges, custom coupon codes, and Hotspot Shield learning resources are available.

Why Join Hotspot Shield Affiliate Program?

  • High Payout & Conversion Rate
  • Unique Brand Appeal
  • Quick & Easy Set Up
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Reliable & Secure Tracking
  • Pay On-Time

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